The Launching Report of the“Excellent Teachers Cultivation Plan”Project: Though Shoulder Heavy Duties, We Persisting in Striving Forward

October 1, 2021 Lin Qingyan 

The Voice of CCNU On the morning of 17 September, the launching report of the “Excellent Teachers Cultivation Plan”project took place in the scientific conference hall. This project aimed to cultivate teachers with high capabilities for the developing regions of central and western of China, which is the latest measurement to motivate the education business of these areas. The participants of this meeting included the vice-principal of CCNU Peng Shuangjie, the secretary of the party committee of College of Physical Science and Technology Zhang Mingsheng and 5 instructors from different schools. Besides, a physic teacher from the Wuhan Xinsi province 4th Middle School, Yin Qibing, made a statement as a guest, which was for all the admitted freshmen. This event was hosted by Li Diao, the minister of the student affair department.

Yin Qipin gave a speech titled “Meet the Best of Your Own at the Best Ages of Your Lives” to share his perception as well as experience in his 9-year’s career as a teacher. He graduated from one of the most remote schools from the city center of Wuhan ---- Xinsi Province 4th Middle School, where the paddy fields surround and the take-away can’t be delivered. However, he still chose to return to his old school for a teacher position after graduating from College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU, which completely coincided with the determination and the persistence of the project, in the meantime, which was the reason why he came there for the speech. Initially, he read the content of the plan in detail, then encouraged the students to join this project actively and face the challenges bravely combining with the strategy for rural revitalization and poverty alleviation policy. Afterwards, he told his own story of his left and returning to the countryside, “That is a kind of repayment and, that the same time, inheritance.”he said. Furthermore, he illustrated the responsibility and duties as a teacher, emphasized the significance of gratitude, meanwhile, offered suggestions to how to become a good guidance for the participants.

His touching story of rooting in the countryside has spread all over several years ago, consequently, he became an Internet celebrity with the identification of secretary of the party committee of Xinsi district, additionally, he was described as “Yu Gong”by the Wuhan Evening News. He said that the so-called “Yu Gong”spirit is just the fortitude, which means that every outstanding person should overcome a lonely and struggling period of time, but as long as you get through these difficulties and tortures, you would find that you have been greatly improved during these time.”

Following the report, Peng Shuangjie made a lecture for this project. He pointed out that it was the first year for us to enroll the students in 22 provinces and cities, which was intended to cultivate teachers as well as the educators with high quality for the developing areas in the central and western of China. Then, he demonstrated his further anticipation on the basis of the original aim: firstly, adjust the mental attitudes and improve yourselves, secondly, enhance the capabilities and become an all-round student, and finally, be responsible to your duties and accomplish the mission as teachers.

At the end of this meeting, Peng Shuangjie conveyed his hope to all the participants of this plan: “I wish that everyone would make a contribution to the education and keep striving forward in this field, in order to create new advances in the education enterprise. ”Eventually, the conference ended with a burst of applause.

Source: The Voice of CCNU

Translator: Kong Yilin

Date: September 30, 2021


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