Retirement Does Not Fade the Enthusiasm, Party History Educates New Generations: the Students of School of Mathematics and Statistics Listened to the Party Lecture of the Old Party Members and Drew Strength to Forge Ahead

October 7, 2021 Zhao Zixuan 

“My name is Luo Bangcheng. I am a retired teacher of School of Mathematics and Statistics. Before my retirement, I serve the students; after my retirement, I serve the old comrade of CCNU, dedicating my heart and soul……” At 14:30 p.m. on September 27th, Luo Bangcheng, a retired teacher, was invited by the School of Mathematics and Statistics at the lecture hall on the second floor of Building 6, in order to deliver a lecture with the topic of "Firm the belief, follow the party" for students of "Head Goose Project", the “Outstanding Teachers'” party branch and for the undergraduates of Grade 2019 party branch. Liu Chengzhu, secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Mathematics and Statistics, Zhang Zigui, counselor of Grade 2019, Wang Aolin and Long Xingyu, counselors of Class 2021, participated in this activity.


Luo Bangcheng has been in CCNU for 56 years since he was 19 years old. The party lecture just began with the long history of over 100 years of CCNU, from Wenhua Academy established in 1903 to the flourishing CCNU nowadays. Luo Bangcheng always stressed that as a member of the university, we should love and understand it.

Subsequently, Luo Bangcheng gave a detailed and in-depth account of his personal experience from three aspects: firming ideals and beliefs, doing his own work well, and fulfilling party member obligations. In 1965, Luo Bangcheng was admitted to the School of Mathematics and Statistics of CCNU and submitted his first application to join the party, but it was not passed until the general meeting of the branch in 1986. After 21 years of testing, he did not waver in his faith in the party. He suggested that firming the belief meant standing the test and being loyal to the party's education cause. Then, Luo Bangcheng stressed that as a normal university student, one should be student-oriented. From course tutor to lecturer, head teacher and instructor, Luo Bangcheng thought from the perspective of students and paid attention to students' development. The school newspaper once praised him as "the person who knows students".


Finally, Luo Bangcheng put forward the idea of "dedicating his spare heat to the party and always following the Party". After retirement, he engaged in serving the elderly and made active efforts to improve the living treatment of the elderly in our university and solve the livelihood problems such as transferring social security and home-based care. At the end of the party class, Luo Bangcheng sincerely sent some words to all the students, first, to cherish the learning opportunity and the cultivation of the party and the country and to strictly obey the requirements; the second is to seize the historical opportunity, to clarify the mission and set up lofty ideals, the third is to cultivate academic ability and learn to think independently. Liu Chengzhu, secretary of the party committee, expressed that it was a precious opportunity and a profound and vivid party lecture. He hoped that the students could draw strength from it and strive to be the excellent generations of the new era who shoulder the great responsibility of national rejuvenation.


After the activity, the students said that they could draw profound spiritual strength from the party lecture, making clear their belief and future direction of struggle. Liu Chen, a member of the third phase of "Head Wild Goose Project", said, “I was deeply moved when I saw the dense handwritten speech drafts and listened to the simple and powerful local voice of Teacher Luo. As a young party member in the new era of normal education, I will take excellent predecessors as an example, enhancing my professional skills and striving to become an excellent teacher to contribute to the cause of education.”

Source: School of  Mathematics and Statistics

Translator: Hua Siyao

Date: October 7, 2021

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