The 14th Normal Students' Class Teaching Skills Competition Ended in the CCNU and Three Free Normal Students Won the First Prize

October 7, 2021 Author: Hong Geqiao 

"Yang Sixuan , the student of the college of Urban and Environmental Sciences, Lu Mengxin, the student of the school of Mathematics and Statistics, and Xu qinger , the student of  the school of Foreign Languages won the first prize..." on September 24, the final of the 14th normal students' professional skills competition as well as the class teaching skills competition was held in the school of Teaching Education, and three free normal students stood out from 29 contestants.

During the competition, 15 teachers and judges from the NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University , the faculty of artificial intelligence in education and other relevant units gave high praise. They said that Lu Mengxin explained typical examples through various methods to deepen students' understanding of trigonometric functions , Yang Sixuan used the scenario setting method to turn the abstract concept of "leng feng" into concrete and Xu qinger chose the teaching method from simple to difficult and from easy to difficult to help students accurately understand the central meaning of the article.

This competition was an integral part of the seventh teaching festival of our university. In order to further expand the coverage, the whole competition was broadcast live. In addition to the participation of teachers and students of our university, teachers and students of many colleges and universities in Hubei Province watched the live broadcast online and gave good feedback. The activity video would be uploaded to the cloud classroom platform of CCNU for all normal students to observe and study. The professional skills competition for normal students included test paper design competition, mandarin speaking competition, classroom teaching skills competition, writing skills competition and other parts. It was held in a diversified linkage mode combining online and offline. It aimed to exercise the teaching skills of normal students, improve the professional quality of normal students, show the teaching style of normal students, and cultivate new people's teachers with "learning, physical integrity and technical excellence" .

According to reports, the school's dynamic brand of normal life —— "normal students' professional skills competition" has been held for 14 consecutive sessions. In continuous practice, it has formed a normal students' skills training system of "point to area, combination of schools and colleges, and full coverage" based on the overall layout of the school and the specific implementation of the college, and a long-term vocational skills training mechanism of "promoting teaching and training through competition". With the conclusion of the "classroom teaching skills competition", the "writing skills competition for normal students" would be held in October.

Source: the voice of CCNU

Author: Hong Geqiao

Translator: Shu Tianle

Date: October 7, 2021

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