Make the Flowers of Youth Blossom in the Battalion: 13 Students of CCNU Were Conscripted into the Army

October 9, 2021 Zhang Zhaozhen Gao Xia Ding Hui 

CCNU Online (correspondent Zhang Zhaozheng Gao Xia Ding Hui) Students joined in the army force, for their dreams of contributing themselves to the construction of our country. On 22 September, the going away party for the enlisted students of the 2021 was held successfully in the Militiaman Training Base of Jianghan District. Since 13 students of our university were admitted to setting off for the battalions in the next few days, the responsible for the base, the teachers of the department of student affair as well as the principals of the related schools conducted a farewell party for them.

The applications of these students (9 men and 4 women) were approved after diverse rigorous checks and exams. On the event, the teachers of the department of student affair initially conveyed his thanks to the students, then congratulated them for the qualifications they have gained. Besides, he encouraged them to take their advantage of their profession: “You ought to take the theories into practice, transform your abundant knowledge into the fighting force, I hope you would improve yourselves, dedicate your youth to the progress of the military build, persist with CCNU spirit ---- honesty, erudition, modesty and fortitude.”Except, he anticipate that all of them could learn the military skills with determination, in the meantime, guard our motherland.

Afterwards, wearing the army uniforms as well as the ribbons, the students demonstrated that they would always possess their passions to the army, keep chasing their patriotic pursuit, simultaneously, become the soldiers who are loyal to the Chinese Communist Party as well as our country. The teachers came for the farewell also expressed their wishes: “We hope your guys would strive on with your most original ideas, overcome the difficulties you could face to and make the flowers of youth blossom in the battalion.”

As long as we know, before they depart for the battalion as formal soldiers, they have had a series of training, in order to guarantee themselves would quickly accustom to the military life, which included demand-learning, formation training, physical training, ideological and political education and so on.

Source: CCNU Online

Translator: Kong Yilin

Date: October 9, 2021

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