Activity for Freshmen of 2021 of School of Chemistry Held Successfully: Offering a Gift to Celebrate National Day, Night Jogging Together

October 21, 2021 Sun Yulin,Xue Haoyue 

To put spirit of dream-seeker into effect and encourage contemporary teenagers to struggle bravely and strive persistently, freshmen of 2021 of School of Chemistry organized the activity named “offering a gift to celebrate National Day, night jogging together” which was held successfully in Youming stadium on the evening of October 6, 2021. An Xiaolei, a counselor, Wu Yaoyao, a part-time counselor and some undergraduates of School of Chemistry took part in this activity, totaling more than 130 people. The activity was hosted by An Xiaolei, consisting of night jogging and chorus for celebrating.

Before night jogging, grade cadres of freshmen of 2021 distributed material to the students taking part. The atmosphere was heated and students itched for a try. As soon as the order of ”Run!  ”was issued, night jogging began. With impassioned music, students were wiping off the sweat of youth, waving little red flags in their hands, running towards light and celebrating our motherland’s birthday gladly.

After finishing timing of 45 minutes, top 19 were awarded according to the mileage statistic calculated. Finally, freshman of 2021 Peng Tianbo got the first place with 9.4 kilometers, freshman of 2021 Yao Xinpeng got the second(8.1 kilometers), freshman of 2021 Zhang Hao got the third(8 kilometers). The running figure of students of School of Chemistry shone young and lively energy which belongs to teenagers. Then students sang I and My Motherland and Sing for Our Motherland in the chorus, impassioned vocalization resounded above.

The greatly meaningful night jogging made students taking part feel the lively energy of youth. And it’s reported that the activity also appealed to senior participants. Undergraduate student of 2018 Liu Cheng said, ”Not only the night jogging is a opportunity for newbies to know each other when running freely, but also it makes me experience thoroughly optimistic and positive sporting presence of the academy.” The little master athlete of night jogging Peng Tianbo who got the first place said, ”When running, I dimly feel the distance between my heart and motherland is becoming closer as the mileage below my foot increased more and more.”

So far, the activity held for freshmen of 2021 of School of Chemistry named”offering a gift to celebrate National Day , night jogging together”wrapped up.

Source: School of Chemistry

Translator: Peng Qiurong

Reviewer: Yang Fan

Date: October 20, 2021

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