The 189th Phase ‘Boya Auditorium’

October 15, 2018  

Activity Time:2018-04-28 15:00

Site of activity: Academic report hall on the third floor of library


Time: April 28,2018 15:00——16:30

Location: Academic lecture hall on the third floor of library

Theme: Language structure and cultural inheritance in the contemporary world: problems and solutions

Principle speaker: Huang changzhu

Sponsor unit: Dean’s office

Executive organizer: Information Management Institute, Foreign Languages Institute

Brief introduction of speaker:Huang changzhu, researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, member of the Advisory Committee of experts on philosophy and social sciences, director of the center for international Chinese studies in Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, director of the senior professional title evaluation committee of the Chinese academy of social sciences translation series, doubles as board chairman of China society for social sciences information, head of the National Social Science fund library’s discipline planning review team of information and philology, member of National Science and Technology Nomenclature Committee, director of the Discipline Approval Committee of library intelligence and philology, expert of UN project evaluation . He also served as Chinese Academy of Social Sciences library Chief and Director of Documentation and Information Center, as well as vice-president of the International Council on Philosophy and Humanities of UNESO(1996--1998;1998--2000).From 1992, Mr.Huang enjoyed the special government allowance issued by the state council. In 1994,he was awarded by the Ministry of personnel, titling“Young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions at the national level.”Major strength: Linguistics and library and information science.

Mr.huang has presided over the key and entrusted issues of the National Social Science Fund and Chinese Academy of Social Science, composing(including co-author) and editing more than 10 kinds of writings.He also published about 200 thesis, including more than 20 articles in English and French published in foreign academic journals and works.



Activity category: academic lecture


Translator:Yao JiaLing


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