A Life-or-death Turning Point in the Communist Party of China’s History: Zunyi Meeting 党的历史上生死攸关的转折点:遵义会议

May 6, 2021 Shu Tianle 

After the fifth plenary session of the sixth CPC central committee finished, the Wang Mings left-leaning adventurism carried out more aggressive in the work of the Communist Party of China and the base areas. Under this wrong leadership, the fifth counter-campaign against encirclement and suppressionfailed.


At the beginning of the long march, the people who support pinko dogmatism turned into flight-ism in retreat from adventurism in attack. And they turned strategic shift into a big moving action, which made the troops moved very slowly. And this gave the enemy enough time to mobilize forces to encircle, pursue and intercept the Red Army causing heavy losses to the Red Army in the process of breaking through the encirclement.


In order to get rid of the enemy's tail chasing and blockingthe comrade Mao Zedong advised to give up the plan going to the west of Hu Nan to join the Red Army two and six. He also advised to advance to Gui Zhou, where the enemys power was weak. On January 7, 1935, the red army conquered Zunyi, an important town in northern Gui Zhou. And they held the famous Zun Yi meeting there.


The Zunyi meeting put the Wang Mings left-leaning adventurism dominated in the center to the end. And the correct leadership of the new Central Committee represented by Mao Zedong was established. This was the first meeting that the Communist Party of China had independently applied the basic principles of Marxism Leninism to solve the problems existing in its line, principles and policies. It saved the party and the Red Army at an extremely dangerous time. It was a life-or-death turning point in the history of the Communist Party of China, marking the Communist Party of China transformed from childish to mature.


The Zun Yi Meeting was held in an urgent war situation. Instead of discussing the political line comprehensively, it focused on solving the most urgent organizational and military problems faced by the party. It put the left-leaning pinko dogmatism‘s wrong domination in the Central Committee to the end, establishing Mao Zedong's leading position in the Red Army and the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. The Chinese revolutionary ship finally had a helmsman who could control its process. These achievements were achieved independently when the Communist Party of China broke off contact with the Comintern, marking the political maturity of the Communist Party of China. This meeting saved the party, the Red Army and the Chinese revolution at an extremely critical historical juncture. It is a life-or-death turning point in the history of the Communist Party of China and the Red Army. The Central Committee of the party, with Mao Zedong as the core, has formulated a correct political and military line. The Red Army, which has suffered setbacks, has a guarantee from failure to victory.


Author: Shu Tianle

Date: April 27, 2021

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