A Recruitment Notice For Directors, Actors and Scriptwriters Of Micro Films From Films and Televisions Production Center Of i- CCNU

December 13, 2018  

Films And Televisions Production Center of i- CCNU is planning to shoot original micro films and TVs. Thus, it is recruiting directors, actors, scriptwriters and scripts through out the campus.


  1. Introduction of the team.

    Films and Televisions Production Center is a cultural and creative team of i- CCNU, an Internet culture studio, specifically serving to make micro TVs and micro movies, whose aims are to make excellent Internet cultural works and stars in campus.


  2. Content of the recruitment.

  3. One or two directors

    Requirements: we want those who have taken part in making videos, have great organizing ability and love film making. And those who have experience in film making will take precedence.


  4. Unlimited qualified actors and actresses.

    Requirements: we want those who are good-looking, have generous manners, love acting and have enthusiasm for film making.

  5. Two to four scriptwriters.

    Requirements: we want those who are good at writing stories, have an insight of the film features and film making rules. Above all, being good at expressing stories via vision and audition is what we want most.


  6. Unlimited qualified scripts.

    Requirements: the scripts can be original or adapted from another one. They can be novels, play scripts, film scripts, experimental short videos scripts, etc. And there are no limits for the topic, theme or content. But the performing of the scripts should not last for over 10 minutes.


  7. Ways to apply:

  8. Scripts

    Please name the files as Contribution for Micro Films+ the name of the script+ department+ the name of the author. And please put the author’s name, QQ and telephone number in the file. Please email us at before Dec. 7. If you are not able to submit your scripts on time, please contact us by QQ or the e- mail above; our QQ number is 1643313578.


  1. Directors, actors and scriptwriters:

    Please fill in the application form and send it to If you have any trouble, please contact us. And we will inform you of the time for interview next time.


    Deadline: Dec.7


    Linkman: Gong Wenmiao


    Phone number:17362991617



Translator:Liu Yuanyuan


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