Notice About Military Theory Examination For Freshmen And Its Supplementary Examination For Senior Students

December 13, 2018  

To all students:


The Military Theory examination for this term is around the corner. To ensure that the examination goes smoothly, we put the relevant information here.


  1. When to take the exam: 00: 00 Nov. 26-- 22: 00 Dec. 2.


  2. Where to take the exam: please visit by Firefox or Google. The account and password are the same as the ones of the one- stop service platform.


  3. How to take the exam: after logging in, please click My Zone- My Exams and then choose The Military Theory Examination.


  4. How to check the result: you can check your result within a month after the exam system is closed. Please visit The account is your student number and the password is the last six numbers of your ID card.


  5. Matters needing attention:

  1. The objects of the test are all freshmen and other students failing to pass the exam.

  2. Please finish the exam on time for the exam system will be closed after Dec.2.

  3. There are only 90 minutes for you to take the exam, so please allocate your time reasonably.

  4. There is only one chance for you to take Military Theory exam this year. Please be serious about it.

  5. If the exam system doesn’t work, please contact Quality Curriculum Center.(QQ: 943062266, WeChat: ccnuszk, phone number: 027-67865591)


    作者: Quality Curriculum Center 翻译:Liu Yuanyuan    信息来源: Quality Curriculum Center    发布时间: 2018-11-21

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