Notice On Selecting Outstanding Graduates Of 2019

May 31, 2019  

All the departments,

   In order to select outstanding graduates and set a good example, meanwhile, to promote the overall development of students as well as cultivate talents, according to the regulations of administrative rules about selection on advanced individuals and advanced teams in graduates of CCNU, the relevant particulars about this selection are notified as follows:

Ⅰ.The Eligible Range

Full-time general graduates of this year

Ⅱ.Selection Methods

1. Selection Ratio

The number of outstanding graduates of each department should be no more than 30% of the graduates this year. (The concrete number can be seen in the 1st attachment)

2. Selection Conditions

a. Qualified students should think actively and get the graduation certificate as well as degree certificate at the same time.

b. Qualified students must have won the recognition of school level or above and made some achievements in one aspect like research work, school culture, innovation, social practice, voluntary service and so on.

c. Qualified students should have no dishonest and immoral behavior as well as disciplinary offence and nonperformance.

3. Selection Procedures

a. The selection process should include individual applying on the website (, the process can be seen in the 2nd attachment), the recommendation of class, check of department and 3-day-publicity within the college.

b. After public notice to which there is no objection, each department should determine the list of candidates and send the summary sheet of outstanding graduates (See the 3rd attachment) to the E-mail address:

c. The school will organize personnel to check the materials sent by each department and finish the online endorsement.

4. Reward Measures

The outstanding graduates of 2019 will be awarded the Certificate of Honor from the school, and graduates can print by themselves in the student affairs hall in the middle of June.

Ⅲ. Job Requirements

a. Each department is supposed to think highly of the job on selecting outstanding graduates, which means strengthening leadership, stringent conditions, normative procedures and checking the application materials carefully. If there are students who practice fraud and fail to meet the requirements of graduation, the school will call off his/her title of “Outstanding Graduates”.

b. Each department should lay down selection regulations in accordance with the situations and features of the department following the principle of open, fair and impartial. Besides, this will be a good opportunity to carry out education on graduates’ advanced deeds.

c. Linkman: Xu Henghong. Contact number: 67868028.

                                                                                           Student Affairs Department of Party Committee

                                                                                                                    May, 20th , 2019

Translator: Zhu Jiao


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