The First Phase of Theorizing in CCNU---Youth Research BBS

May 31, 2019  

Time: 2019-5-18 (Saturday) 14:30

Venue: The CCNU youth lecture hall (Hua Qing theatre, building 6)


Theme: Design method of social investigation content

Brief introduction of keynote speaker:


Xu Xiaojun, born in November 1975, from Huangpi Hubei, is Associate Dean of School of Sociology in CCNU. He is also a professor, doctoral supervisor, postdoctoral researcher in the Institute of Sociology of CASS (Chinese Academy of Social Science)and visiting scholar of China Service Center, CUHK (Chinese university of Hong Kong). The major domain of the research: Research on the social integration of marginalized groups, rural sociology. The major works: Fracture, Reconstruction and Regeneration---Study on the Social Relations of AIDS Patients in Villages in Eastern Hubei (China Social Science Press, July 2010), Township and Village Neighborhood: Structure and Relationship---A Case Study of Lanxiang Neighborhood on the Outskirts of Wuhan (Central China Normal University Press, April 2007),The Distribution and Flow of Wealth after A Disaster---A Case Study about Wenchuan Earthquake (Central China Normal University Press, October 2011) and so on. Many of his advisory policies have been adopted by government departments, including consulting report of 2010---The Experience of the Reconstruction of Farm Houses after Wenchuan Earthquake is an Inspiration to the Reconstruction of Yushu (which has been reported in Important Outcome Newspaper of National Social Science Fund Office and approved by the state leadership), consulting report of 2008---Online Games and Contemporary Youth Development (Adopted by the Ministry of Culture), survey report of 2008---Investigation of Corruption Prevention Project in Social Field (Submitted to Provincial Supervision Office of Hubei, National Bureau of Corruption Prevention),research report of 2008--- The Policy Proposals about Financial Support for China's Public Cultural Facilities Free of Charge (Adopted by the Treasury) and so on.


Host unit:  Committee of CCNU of the Communist Youth League

Organizer: Centre for Youth Studies of CCNU

Co-organizer: Student Newspaper of CCNU

                         Student Union of CCNU

                         Graduate Student Union of CCNU

Activity categories: Academic forum



Translator: Yao Jialing

Time: 2019-5-28




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