Zhang Guoping, Anti-epidemic Staff: Dedicated to Epidemic Prevention,Concerned about College Education

April 25, 2020 Lin Weiping 

The Voice of CCNU COVID-19 is on the ramp-up, with the number of new and cumulative cases rising in many parts of the country. As the hardest disaster-hit area, Wuhan has aroused wide attention from people all over the country. In this outbreak, the College of Physical Science and Technology has emerged a group of outstanding teachers and students who have the courage to take on responsibilities and make selfless contributions, including Zhang Guoping.



As a member of Communist Party, Zhang guoping actively responded to the call of the Party and zealously participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic. In charge of guarding an intersection in a community of his hometown Hanchuan, Hubei, Zhang and other volunteers worked from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with only a short break for lunch. They overcame difficulties and stuck to their posts even when it was windy and rainy.



Hearing that the generations born after 1990 and even 2000 accounted for about one-third of the entire medical supporting team, Zhang was delighted to say “We may often consider the post-90s generation as lacking of responsibility, but in the fight against the epidemic, the vast number of post-90s medical workers are to be commended. We should also believe that this generation has its share of responsibility and can sustain the future of our country”.




When it came to online learning in the epidemic, Zhang regarded it as an unconventional tool in an emergency. Due to the network, materials and other reasons, the learning effect may be difficult to guarantee, but he also believed that such temporary measures will still be effective in times of emergency. For online students, he advised: "In addition to online learning, students should use a variety of tools to learn as much as possible about our course.”




“I hope everyone can endure for a while longer. After a while, we will be able to overcome this epidemic and return to our normal study and work. I also hope students can get over the difficulties, get down to study and research.” Zhang Guoping used this sentence to encourage students and teachers to pull through and learn together.


Translator: Yao Jialing


Time: 2020-3-28


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