The Youth Are fighting; We Are on the Same Boat against COVID-19

April 25, 2020 Liu Mengchun 

At 2:00 p.m. on 21st, March, the Youth League branch of Chunhui Club of CCNU, together with College Student Federation of Hubei province Guizhou Chamber of Commerce, held a league activity, whose themes is “The Youth Are fighting; We Are on the Same Boat against COVID-19”. This activity was carried out online and aimed at promoting knowledge of fighting against COVID-19 and spreading positive energy. Li Qin, adviser of the club, Xue Jing, president of the federation, Liu Zeping, president of the club, and members of both the federation and the club were present. The activity was hosted by Peng Yuan, vice president of Chunhui Club.

The activity was divided into 4 links—Fight Together: Express, Act, Think, and Propose.

At the beginning Xue Jing, president of the federation, made a statement. She introduced basic information about the federation, as well as various activities held, aiming at helping the disadvantaged students. Also, she expressed sincere wishes to everyone. Then, Liu, president of the club, introduced the purposes and basics of Chunhui Club, CCNU, and indicated the close relationship between the federation and the club. Next, teacher Li from Chunhui Club made a speech. First she thanked for the active participation of the students; then, she expressed concerns on their life; finally, she appealed to the students to fight against the virus actively——"Determined to succeed, we are bound to win.”

In the part “Express”, the spokesman of the federation and the club made an introduction of the epidemic situation as well as the measures and the results of the prevention and control in the provinces, including Guizhou, Jiangxi, Anhui and so on. What he said vividly showed the great power and confidence of people. In the early interviews, the interviewers made brief interviews with people participating in the fight against the virus, cadres at the grassroots, medical workers, volunteers and so on included. And in today’s activity, interviewers made conclusions on the contents of the interviews, which demonstrated the great courage and selfless dedication of those fighting on the frontier.

In response to “Studying without Going to School” policy put by Ministry of Education, studies online are underway in full swing. Members of Chunhui Club shared their study and life at home with those from the federation. They thought everywhere and reflected on everything during this special period. Although most members said that it took time for them to accept the new pattern of teaching online, they also claimed that it couldn’t shake their confidence and stop them learning. Millions of students are fighting against the virus, determined and confident, which shows the vitality and vigor of the new youth.

In the part "Act", Peng Yuan, from Chunhui Club, played a video, which recorded what she had done to take an active part in the fight against the virus as a volunteer. She was praised for the fearlessness she showed when faced with challenges. Additionally, Zhang Jiyan, member of the federation, also made a video herself to cheer for Wuhan and China. In the part “Think”, the members of the club and the federation typed in the chat group to express their feelings and reflections during the epidemic.

The last part of the activity was "Propose". Chunhui Club and College Student Federation of Hubei province Guizhou Chamber of Commerce issued a proposal together,  appealing to everyone to pay attention to personal hygiene during this special time, to fight as one in answer to the government's call, to think independently and do not believe or spread rumors, to act actively and take part in voluntary work, and finally,  continue to study with the postponement of returning to the school.  Till then, the League Day activity" The Youth Are fighting; We Are on the Same Boat against COVID-19" came to a successful end. Although the epidemic is ruthless,there is love among human beings. Wish China, as well as the whole world, safe and sound.

Translator: Zhang Boya

Time: 2020-04-02



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