Notice Of Risk Warning Education On Campus Bad Online Loans And Cyber Security Publicity Week Activity

October 15, 2018  

To all institutes:

To implement the spirit of notice of risk warning education on campus bad online loans and relevant work by General Office of the Ministry of Education and notice of organizing and carrying out the 2018 national cyber security publicity week activities by Ideological and Political Department of the Ministry of Education.Combined with  reality of our school, now we are organizing and carrying out risk warning education on campus bad online loans and  cyber security publicity week activity,and the notice of related matters are as follows.

First of all,it is high time to strengthen the education of financial security.For one thing,we can organize students to read reading materials about financial knowledge or to have relevant financial security classes,which serves to lead students to set up the concept of managing finances and financial security.For another,it will be effective if we organize and carry out educational activities like holding lectures about finance knowledge,having investment simulation competition,offering students chances to practice in real companies,etc.

Secondly,improving ability of risk prevention is of great significance.We should consider bad cyber debts prevention in school as essential content of students’ daily education so that students can have access to learn about the typical cases of campus bad online loans.Furthermore,it is a good way to have a good command of knowledge in classification, harm and solutions of  campus bad online loans ,and equip students with better capability of recognizing and avoiding it.More specifically,organize and carry out colorful activities about rational consumption view education to correct the false premature,excessive and conformity consumption views,and to cultivate students’ consciousness of thrift and rational consumption view.Above all,it is urgent to develop legal safety education,disseminate legal knowledge,and lead students to use personal information correctly and cautiously, be aware of preserving relevant credentials and learn to utilize legal weapons to protect their own legitimate rights and interests.

Thirdly,on no account should we neglect the improvement of alert mechanism.As for improving alert mechanism,utilize all kinds of platforms on the internet to comprehensively issue the latest warning information for students. As for improving monitoring mechanism,it is necessary to keep and eye on all categories of dissemination of campus bad online loans ,such as leaflets, recommendation by acquaintances and APP push,and prohibit propagandizing,recommending or agenting  campus bad online loans.As for school counselors,headteachers and the student leaders,paying close attention to students’ abnormal consumption behaviors and carrying out investigation of campus bad online loans at regular intervals would be effective.As for handling mechanism,we would cooperate with the police to crack down on campus bad online loans;effectively protect students’ legitimate rights and interests to eliminate the potential safety hazard and make our campus a safer place for everyone.

Fourthly,we will deepen the construction of funding system. Perfect funding system;found and improve a funding system not only caters to the needs of public,but also presents the individual differences;fully exploit the internal and external resources and raise special funds to meet students ’ desire for development,such as further study and innovative entrepreneurship. Meanwhile,promote accurate funding and improve the accuracy of funding system so as to ensure that all state funding policies are implemented and to help the students in need solve the problems of expenses. Moreover,it is necessary to disseminate funding by all kinds of means so that students can have a good understanding of who is in charge and how to get sponsored,which make it more effective and extensive for propaganda of funding policies.

Lastly,organize teachers and students to take an active part in network security activities.If youd like to join in the National College Student Network Security Knowledge Competition(from Sept. 3 to Oct. 31),please visit: the national cyber security publicity week activities website is


Translator:Liu Yuanyuan



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