The 18th World Economic History Conference

September 17, 2018  

According to the "Notice on Carrying out the First Batch of "Huang Dainian Teacher Teams" of Huazhong Normal University and the 2016-2018 "Teaching, Educating, Educating, Serving and Educating People" Advanced Individual Selection and Appreciation Activities (Party [2018] No. 45 Requirements, after the on-site defense, the judges vote, the school spiritual civilization construction steering committee review, the school party committee standing committee validation, the mathematics and statistics college partial differential equation teacher team and other five teams selected for the school's first "Huang Dainian teacher team" to create the project .

Ai Yunyi, a freshman representative and a 2018 undergraduate student of the School of Computer Science, promised that when she came to the university, the first task was to study diligently and seek truth, to let diligent study become the driving force of youthful voyage; to be determined to become a talent, to serve the motherland, to develop and grow. Intertwined with the country; Xiude Deming, knowing and doing, and being a person of high interest. Bring out the heroic and courageous power of "book business, swaying Fang Biao", practice your housekeeping skills, embrace the new era, and embrace the new era.

On-campus student representatives, the president of the school association, and the 2015 undergraduate Xue Liangping of the School of Mathematics and Statistics represent the exchange of students and freshmen. He encouraged the new students to "get hard work, seek truthful knowledge", and consolidate the subject professional knowledge; advocate everyone to actively participate in practice, perceive the multi-integrated campus culture, grow and evolve from it; spend four years with the initial heart In college time, use aggressiveness to smear the color of youth.

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