A Freshman Representative And A 2018 Undergraduate Student Of The School Of Computer Science

September 17, 2018  

Zhao Lingyun thanked everyone for entrusting the most precious youth time to Guizishan, and opened a new chapter in life here. He said that as a key normal university directly under the Ministry of Education, a national “double-class” construction university and a century-old school with a history of 115 years, Huazhong Normal University will be based on undergraduate, student-oriented, and spare no effort for the students. Growing up into a service, let Huashi become the place where everyone dreams start. Zhao Lingyun expects that the new students will be able to release their youthful ideals on Guizi Mountain, and strive to move forward in dreams, learn in China, and become a Chinese teacher.

Ai Yunyi, a freshman representative and a 2018 undergraduate student of the School of Computer Science, promised that when she came to the university, the first task was to study diligently and seek truth, to let diligent study become the driving force of youthful voyage; to be determined to become a talent, to serve the motherland, to develop and grow. Intertwined with the country; Xiude Deming, knowing and doing, and being a person of high interest. Bring out the heroic and courageous power of "book business, swaying Fang Biao", practice your housekeeping skills, embrace the new era, and embrace the new era.

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