The Documentary of the Book: And Yet, The Books

March 2, 2021  

During this winter vacation, I have watched a series of documentary about books: And Yet, The Books. The first time I heard the documentary was when one of my English teachers recommended us to watch them. I didn’t take this seriously at that time, so I failed to watch them in time.

One day, I was sitting at my desk and felt a little bit bored, the English teacher’s words suddenly occurred to me. So I decided to watch the documentary.

The first episode of the documentary told us how a book was born. The design of the cover, the typography, the difficulty of publishing a classic book and so on, all these hard works made a book distinctive and unique.

The most impressive part of the rest episodes of the documentary was a couple traveled to sell books. They put some words on the window of the car: ”Drive a Book cart, travel in China.” The documentary focused on their story in Cenbu Village, Shanghai. Some women doing farm work saw that they had set up the bookstall, curiously came to look at it, and asked what books they had. After chatting for a while, an old woman opened a photo notebook and said, “I haven't read a book for a long time. ” And I remembered some words the couple have said: ”Books are hoping to be read. ”

And in the third episode: Wonderful World In Picture Books, teacher Caigao said: ”When flowers bloom, I will come upstairs to sketch. When I am sitting alone upstairs, when I am quiet, many things will come, so will the words, the sunshine, the bees, and the smell of fragrance. It's hard for me to come downstairs. ” These words made me interested in picture books and think about creation.

As a saying goes: ”All the beautiful things are free, such as the sunshine, air and water. ” So are the books. This makes me think about the title of the documentary. What is the meaning of the word “yet”? I think the meaning is when we meet some trouble in life, when we are in adversity, we still have books to dispel the resentment in our heart.

Author: Xiao Nan

Date: February 24, 2021

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