Stories of Nature and Mystery: North America 自然与神秘的故事:北美大地

August 7, 2021 Hua Siyao 

North America, it seems, is one of the most exciting documentaries that I have ever watched, telling the audience stories of the mysterious and ever perilous life of a variety of animals living in the North America.


The amazing documentary is divided into six episodes, among which the most impressed episode is the sixth episode, “Revealed”. It is advised to watch and enjoy the final episode first, which shows the behind-the-scenes stories. Through watching North America, you can enjoy natural scenery of great image quality and also have a deeper understanding of the well-known principle, survival of the fittest.


What’s more, there is a large amount of popularity on the theme music of North America. It was commented that the repeated lyrics, such as “Never give up” always encourage people. As for me, the most touching scene is that all members of the film team overcame the influence of the threatening appearance of the weather and spared no effort to film the ingenious scenes. Additionally, I am in favor of the ingenious, interesting and informative images on fin, fur and feather and the beauty of nature which give me a lot of enjoyment and inspiration. From my perspective, you will understand and respect the bravery and persistence of the film team and learn more from the documentary, especially when you watch the final episode first.


Just as the saying goes, “Without art, we could survive, but not thrive.” The excellent documentary, North America, can be regarded as an art work to enhance our knowledge about North America and nature, enrich our life and broaden our horizons. In addition, I would like to recommend North America as a resource for entertainment and even for English learning.


Date: August 7, 2021

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