Documentary Recommendation: the Stories of the Police Station 纪录片:《派出所的故事》

August 7, 2021 Kong Yilin 

When it comes to the stories of the police, the movies or the TV series such as Die Hard, Internal Affairs and the IV Group of Fatal Cases would always strike us, which make the lives of policemen are supposed to be thrilling, dangerous and exciting. However, this documentary exposed the realest things that happened in the police station of Shanghai, one of the most bustling metropolis of the world.


Contrasting with our imagination, due to the development of the investigation, which has resulted in the dramatic decline of the vicious events, today, most of the policemen are busy with dealing with the trivia of this city in their common working days, for instance, providing assistance to the old with Alzheimer who get lost, catching the pickpockets hidden in the metro and spreading anti-fraud knowledge to their responsible communities. These are definitely not great things but extremely relevant to our daily lives as citizens.


Though being immersed in the most usual affairs, there are still some events that impressed me a lot. One of them is a story about an officer who had been seeking for a burglar for 22 years. This case occurred at a dark night in 1997, when he was woken up by the scream of his neighbor upstairs. As a policeman, he rushed up at once then caught two of the intruders, also, he was hurt by the knives that hold by them. Unfortunately, his neighbor, a lady at 26, still passed away because of excessive bleeding. Consequently, this case had became one of his unforgettable nightmare, especially there was still one of the criminals hadn’t been arrested. But just as the old saying “Heaven’s vengeance is slow but sure”, the last burglar was finally found in 2019, by the latest domestic investigation system. I almost bursted into tear when I heard the officer asked the criminal: “Do you remember me? You know I’ve been waiting for this moment for 22 years”.

虽然警务工作常常被大量平常的案件淹没,但依然有一些令我印象深刻。一个警官追凶22年的故事令人尤为感动。事情发生在1997年的一个深夜,这名警官被楼上邻居的尖叫所惊醒,他便立刻冲到楼上当场控制住了两名入室抢劫的劫匪,当然在此过程中,他也被歹徒所持的刀具刺伤。但不幸的是,他的邻居,一名26岁的年轻女子,还是因为失血过多而死亡。 因为其中一名嫌疑人迟迟没有抓获,所以这个案子也成为了这名警官心里过不去的一道坎。不过,老话说得好,天网恢恢,疏而不漏,这名醉方最终通过全国警务侦办系统,于2019年被找到。他只问劫匪:“你还认得我吗? 你知道吗,我等这一刻等了22年。”听到这句话,我瞬间泪奔。

Another representative case, instead of such a breathtaking one, offered a warning to the public. An ordinary white-collar worker was noticed shoplifting for several time by a shopkeeper, which of cause made the owner turn to the police for help. There was no doubt that she was found easily by a police officer through the supervisor scattered upon the streets. Until this point, she didn’t realize that she would face to a short jail sentence because she had commit thieving for many times, even if the food she had stolen wouldn’t cost much.


I suppose that the routines of the police in this series illustrate far more than the realest record of their lives, in the meantime, these reflect a large quantity of social problems which couldn’t be resolved by a policeman, such as the juvenile delinquency caused by the original families, our ignorance of the minority groups and the underdevelopment of the online system of our daily affairs.


Obviously, we still have a long way to go in the urban security, but its innovation needs not only the will of the government and the police, but also the cooperation of every resident.


Author: Kong Yilin

Date: August 4, 2021

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