Downton Abbey: A Classical Drama 《唐顿庄园》:一部古典剧

August 8, 2021  

Downton Abbey is a classical play produced by ITV of Britain. The story tells all kinds of disputes and frictions caused by the inheritance of the family property of the Earl Grantham family of Downton Abbey during the period of George V, and presents the human situation of the upper class nobles and their servants under the strict hierarchical system. In Downton Abbey, on the one hand, the Earl's family fought openly and secretly and were jealous. On the other hand, a large group of servants in charge of the master's daily life also have high and low levels, and the intrigues among the servants are no less than the master's family.


Downton is the symbol of Grantham family status and power. Even servants have a strict hierarchy, which is insurmountable. The story begins with the family inheritance. The original successor was killed on the Titanic. Robert Grantham had to find a new successor. Matthew was connected with Downton because he had a little connection with the family, his story was mainly about his tortuous love with Mary. Downton actually symbolizes an old age, but people's thoughts have begun to subvert, and they began to challenge the tradition. Downton constantly compromised in the changes of the times. In order to keep it, Robert finally had to accept the new ideas of Matthew and Tom. Although he took risks, it was the only way to keep the manor.


What I like most about the play is that everyone has an equal right in life. Because everyone is the protagonist in life, but it is really risky to do this in film and television dramas, because it often makes the primary and secondary regardless, the outline is not clear, and gives people a confused feeling. Downton deals with this problem properly, giving people the feeling that there is a large amount of information but very orderly. For example, every character is flesh and blood, and each character has his own value.


A play always has a clear division of the leading role and supporting role, and all the stories always revolve around the leading role. It seems that the protagonist of the play has changed from people to things, that is, the garden of Downton is the real protagonist. Everyone lives here for various reasons, and the entanglement between people unfolds the whole story.


Author: Xiao Nan

Date: August 8, 2021

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