Pride and Prejudice:Pride Keeps Me from Accepting You, Prejudice Keeps Me from Loving Others《傲慢与偏见》:傲慢使我无法接受你,偏见让我无法爱上别人。

August 22, 2021 Yang Fan 

"Pride and Prejudice" is one of Jane Austen‘s most famous novels. Its old name is '' first impression ”,The story shows the British society‘s life in that time by describing the marriage problem. It mainly describes the love story of Bennet ’s several daughters. Mr.Bingley is newly from London and fall in love with the big daughter ,Jane ,who is genteel and beautiful. His friend Darcy is sweet upon the second daughter Elizabeth.


For some reasons prejudiced Elizabeth against Darcy ,their marriage moves slowly. After a range of interesting troubles,the misunderstanding is finally removed. With Darcy overcoming his pride ,and Elizabeth her prejudice, they got together with each other finally. Through the describing of different marriage, Austin expressed her opinions of the marriage which is based on the understanding to each other. To a certain extent, this novel also reflected the wish and ideal on the marriage independence for women in that time.


Proud heart of everyone, from so many books, this is indeed a man of a mental illness. As long as we have so little strengths, we will feel great. But the pride and vanity does not mean the same thing, in essence, pride is the kind of feeling, vanity is related to people overestimating their own, therefore, one for non-vanity pride justifiably.


This book is outstanding in creating distinct personalities, especially the language description. The perfect love story is the main body of the novel. Everyone has the desire and pursuit of beauty, which is a natural attraction. But behind the beautiful love story, we can learn some philosophy of life, which is the most attractive part of this book.


Author: Yang Fan

Date: August 8, 2021

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