The Big Affairs: the Review of This Summer Vacation 盘点:暑期大事件

August 30, 2021 Kong Yilin 

Today, when I start to write this article, it is already 25 August, the summer holiday has come to its end. For the reminder of it, I would listed some big events in the rest of my text, as well as some of my point of view.


The Launch of Shenzhou 12 Spaceship: Our Dreamed Destination Is the Vast Universe


On the 17 June, with a severe blast and sparkling flame, Shenzhou 12 manned spaceship was launched successfully from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center, which indicated that the construction of Chinese space station has entered into a new phrase. And the 3 astronauts will return to the earth in September.

伴随着一声巨响和冲天的火光,617日,神舟12 号载人火箭从酒泉卫星发射中心成功发射,3名宇航员将于3个月后(即9月份)返回。“神12”的成功发射,也标志着中国宇宙空间站的建设,进入新的阶段。

The space, which once loaded the questions of our ancestors for thousands of years, now has united a large amount of people to contribute themselves into this great business. A fat rocket can ignite more than the entire country, but also the curiosity of each normal person, which are always the motivated force of human development.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympic: United by Emotion


Started on 23 July and ended on 8 August, Tokyo Olympic Games is definitely a stimulation for the whole world, when we just have overcome such a enervating period because of the epidemic for 2020. Undoubtedly, this great event rapidly became the most popular topic over night among the families, communities and Internet. Besides these really exciting matches, I am fairly glade to see most of people for this time payed more attention to the athletes or the players themselves instead of the number of our golden medals. Yes, today, it seems that we on longer depend on a medal to prove ourselves, but tend to enjoy the games and even focus on their complicated rules.


Has been created created in 1896, the aims of the Olympic at present is far more than just an international sports meeting, as just this year the International Olympic Committee added “together”into the former slogan “faster, higher,stronger”. Meanwhile, in the races of 2021, it was extremely ordinary to see the player from varied countries encouraged each other, applauded each other and even comforted each other, so maybe this is the so-called “Olympic spirit”.


The Flood in Henan Province: Hold on and We Are Always Here for Help


From 17 to 20 in July, Henan experienced an unprecedented rainstorm, whose highest amount of precipitation was up to 875 millimeters per hour, which was equal to water quantity of 150 West Lake in Hangzhou. Faced to the natural disaster, for this urgent event, I could noticed the great progress of the management of the public security, as the official had offered the numbers of the local hospital, professional rescue teams as well as temporary shelters before the rain in case of any emergency. Then, the army was sent to the disaster area as the main force of the arrangement of the order and assistance. “I sighed with relief when I saw the army arrived.”a survivor said. Furthermore, this couldn’t lack the effort of every citizen. I was really touched by a moment when a group of people struck in the metro still insisted on“ladies and children first ” as the rescue teams arrived. Days later, when it stopped raining, plenty of people from all over the country started to donate money and needed supplies on the specific website spontaneously, at the same time, some even organized transport teams for the transfer of the donation, and simultaneously, the volunteers. I am actually often moved by this kind of link, when we are cared and concerned by strangers everywhere in this country, just as wherever you are I know there is always protect behind.


Author: Kong Yilin

Date: 27 August, 2021

Words: 637

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