What University Looks like in Your Eyes? 你眼里的大学是什么样子的?

August 29, 2021  

When I chatted with my friend one day, she said that She was very anxious about not only the social relations of university, but also what she can do after graduation.


And I quite agreed with what she said. I have studied in university for 2 years, but even now, I still can not conclude what I have gained. I said to her that I gained my height and progress in grades in junior high, I gained better results and a relatively complete knowledge system in senior high, but I didn't seem to get anything in university.


One of my friends says that university is a very complex place. No matter interpersonal relationship or conducting oneself in society, it is no longer so simple.


Another one says university is a place where there is always something unsatisfactory, a place to grow up and find yourself.


And for me, university is a place to improve myself and let me find what I want to do in the future.


I think so because I know I will only stay here for a short period of four years, so I urgently want to get something quickly in this period of time.


We often complained that we couldnt find a job after graduation, but it's usually because we have grandiose aims but puny abilities.


Last year, Ive read a novel with a professor and a student as the protagonists. The professor said, “Because you know you'll only stay here for two or three years, you want to take something from here. But in fact, the place of University... Is more romantic than you think. You ask me what I see, and I tell you what I see. Do you believe that just as we were talking, a new nano robot was born in that building, making a certain human disease history? Do you believe that in such a normal noon, there is a genius in this group of children, basking in the sun and drinking cold coffee, suddenly, the boundary of human knowledge can move forward?”


For me, university is the pioneer of mankind.He said.


These words make me think what I need to do and what I should do in university again and again. Now, I still have no answer. But I believe someday I will have the answer.


Although the university will not become what the professor said in a short time, I believe it will come true one day.


All universities should be a romantic place.


Author: Xiao Nan

Date: August 27, 2021

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