Sow Time,Harvest Afterglow and Mood 播种时光,收获回忆和心情

October 14, 2021 Peng Qiurong 

National Day Holiday passed a few days ago. In those days when you didn’t require to wake up early and go to classes, how did you get along with time and what afterglow did you create? Below, come on to see my harvest in holiday!


1Beauty of the City


Holiday is of course an extraordinary time for going out, let alone holiday in flourishing city Wuhan.



The first thing I want to refer is the East Lake behind Wuhan University. Looking into the distance, you will find how broad the horizon is. The buildings on the opposite lakeside seem to have the same height as us human. By the lake, I saw someone waiting patiently for fishing on the bridge.


Jianghan Road is a busy street full of crowds, which is chosen to do business by many shopkeepers. It’s also paradise for foodies, such as me. When go shopping, I picked a bunch of sugar-coated haws on a stick to eat, whose flavor is sweet and sour. Besides all kinds of inviting foodI was also impressed by the buildings there. They have their own characteristic and style, glorious, spectacular and time-honored. Whenever the whole point comes, the museum’s clock will be hit and melodious bell will spread toward all directions.


2 Thoughts


Taking advantage of the holiday, I also went to cinema to watch The Battle at Lake Changjin, which is based on the War to Resist US Aggression and Aid Korea. Although the outcome was inspiring, the process was quite tough and dozens of people joining volunteer army sacrificed their lives. Some were children whose parents were always waiting for them. Some just grew up and their ages were similar to us. What fueled them to strive was a simple reason--there was something they wanted to guard. They said, ”Even if we can’t go back, our posterity will enjoy longtime peace as long as we end these wars .”In fact, they longed for going home to get together with their family, but they didn’t want to see people they loved suffering even more than one day. So patriotic war became their choice.


Can you believe that you have been loved since long before? Please look around the peace and prosperity, which is the best gift those forefathers gave us.


Once there is a proverb saying, ”The rest of our life is expensive, please don’t waste it. ”Every single life is limited edition, and everyday is unique, so please cherish every minute and second to live life to the fullest!


AuthorPeng Qiurong

Date: October 10,2021

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