An Unforgettable National Day 一个难忘的国庆节

October 15, 2021 Liu Yaqi 

After seventy-two years of marching forward and one hundred years of eventful years, China is now full of vitalitytaking a brand-new pace and moving towards a brighter tomorrow ! Although the ruins of old times have been washed away, we cannot forget that the glory of our motherland today is supported by the hot blood and straight backs of countless ancestors.


The National Day holiday is over. What are your holiday like? As far as Im concerned, what makes me most unforgettable is not only the flag-raising ceremony held in front of Wenhua official document Lin in the early morning of National Day holiday, but also a film about our ancestors' struggle for national independence—“The Battle at Lake Changjin. Inside, Pinghe, known as the sharpshooter, looked at the battlefield after the smoke of gunfire and whispered, "I hope our next generation can grow up in an era without gunpowder smoke." I was deeply moved by this remark. Although the US forces they faced had high-tech weapons that we could not match, and do not had the same material conditions as the US forces, when I saw them crawling in the snow, the expression in their eyes were firm and fearless, and they could smile when they ate a few potatoes, I knew that their unity and determination are more powerful weapons than strong ships and guns. At the end of the film, an American officer saluted the frozen Chinese Communist Forces. Not only did they achieved "let the enemy think highly of themselves", but they also successfully guarded our motherland!


Nowadayswe are born under the five-star red flag and grow up in the spring breeze. What we are facing is no longer the threat of great powers, but the winning song of peace. The ancestors and martyrs have paved the way for today's beauty with countless blood, and we also need to always remember the glorious payment of our ancestors and strive for a more prosperous future of the motherland!


Author: Liu Yaqi

Date: October 132021

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