Love Floating with Time 时光里的爱

October 17, 2021 Wang Ruoxi 

Frankly speaking, nothing special happened during my National holiday. I just stayed at home, enjoying the company of my family. Was that boring? No, absolutely not. After I entered college, I've realized how precious the time when I can be with my family is. Only my family can give me true peace and happiness. It is my nest where I can have a good sleep.


When I was in the car of my dad that was going to take me home, gazing at his figure, when I got off the car, ran back home and opened the door, when I saw my mom, my sister and my cute kitten waiting for me, I felt that I was the most beatific person in the world. To satisfy my stomach, my mom made a bowl of my favorite noodles with tomato and egg. I ate it up while watching TV. It seemed that I hadn't been so relaxed for a long time. We sat together, chatting and laughing. My sister hugged and kissed me, telling me how much she loved me, and my cat lied on my thigh, letting me touch his soft belly. In the evening, my lovely cat slept beside me. He was so warm and sweet that I didn't want to leave him. During the day, we went camping, ate yummy food and watched movies. In that period of time, I was a boat which finally found its bay. Our family members seldom say "I love you" straightway, but as long as you spend time with them, you'll find love right away.


However, just as the saying goes, men have sorrows and joys. I have to leave my comfort zone and explore my own life. Maybe I was scared before, but now I know my family is my most solid support who will always stand by my side and give me strength. Although the outer world is wonderful, we should value our families and come back often. Their love is modest, there's no need to speak out it directly. Just feel it with your heart, when you look back, it's right there. It is the most valuable thing that I found during my vacation.


Author:Wang Ruoxi

Date:October 9, 2021

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