Perseverance and Encouragement——CCNU Spirit under the Rain Curtain 坚持与鼓励——雨幕下的华师精神

November 10, 2021  

In the golden autumn season, on Guizi Mountain, the 2021 Games has come to an end. In two and a half days, every student in Youming Stadium was involved, running and jumping. They practiced the Olympic spirit——"faster, higher, stronger", burst into vigor and vitality, and incorporated the spirit of sports competition into the daily life. Everyone was the dazzling champion on the field!


On the afternoon of November 5th, the weather wasn't cooperating, and the dense raindrops made people’s faces hurt. In this harsh environment, none of the 1,500 long-distance runners gave up. They wore raincoats and walked on the track to face the arduous journey. Without fear, the escort also waved the flag. We were shouting for you, you interpreted the spirit of the Olympics, you were the pride in our hearts, what awaited you was a hard long run. I believed that victory wound belong to you, but on this journey, you needed to face it bravely. We were cheering for you, has you heard our cry from the hearts, the difficulties and the victory were beckoning to you, didn’t hesitate, went quickly to defeat the difficulties, went to win the victories, I believed you wound give us a sweat look with a soaked smile, the end was right in the front of you. Classmates shouted for you, summoned up the courage to move forward, and used your honor to bring us hope.


What moved me the most was undoubtedly the cheering activities organized by the colleges. Everyone shouted together to bring blessings and encouragement to friends, classmates and even people they dont know. The meaning of aggregate was clear suddenly at this moment. Everyone is a member of the big family of CCNU. How lucky we have chosen CCNU, and CCNU also chose us.


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Author: Zhang Yishan

Reviewer: Xiao Nan

Date: November 9, 2021

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