The First Female Member in the History of the CPC 中国共产党史上的第一个女党员

May 3, 2021 Yang Fan 

Let me ask you a question, do you know who was the first female member in the history of the Communist Party of China?


It does not matter if you do not know, let me introduce the legendary heroine for you today——the role model of our generation.


Her name was Miao Boying, and in the summer of 1919, she was admitted to the Beijing Female Higher Normal College, the famous Beijing Normal University today, with the highest score in the Changsha area. In November 1920, she was personally introduced to the CPC by Li Dazhao (a pioneer of the Chinese Communist movement) and became the first female member of the Communist Party of China. From the end of 1919 to the autumn of 1920, Miao Boying joined the Women's Work-Study Mutual Aid Group. At the end of 1920, she joined the Beijing Socialist Youth League and then the Beijing Communist Group, and in the autumn of 1921, she became the first secretary of the Beijing Xicheng Branch of the CPC (Beijing Normal University Branch). It is worth mentioning that Miao Boying always used Marxist views to think about issues and enlighten the people, and played an important role in developing party members and expanding the organization. For the next eight years, she and her husband, He Mengxiong, were actively involved in the revolutionary cause, organizing mass movements in Beijing, Changsha, Wuhan, and Shanghai, etc. Together, they were known as the "heroic" couple in the history of the CPC.


Due to the long-term hardship and danger, Miao Boying became sick with strain. In October 1929, she was hospitalized for typhoid. When she was dying, she said to her husband:"I have pledged my life to the Party and should sacrifice for the Party's cause. But because of illness, I could not die in the battlefield. Meng Xiong, you must fight resolutely until a clean sweep." After saying this, she passed away at the age of only 30.


Trials and tribulations harden people's original intention. With her short but glorious life, Miao Boying wrote the song of youth of an excellent Communist Party member and fulfilled the unswerving mission of the CPC.


Through my introduction, do you have a better understanding of Miao Boying's glorious deeds? Today, we, the contemporary young students, should also learn the excellent qualities of Miao Boying and be the successors of the communist cause.通过我的介绍是不是对于缪伯英先生的光辉事迹有所了解了呢?今日之我们,当代青年学子,也要学习缪伯英先生的优秀品质,做共产主义事业接班人。

Date: April 28,2021

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