Continue the Centennial Initial Heart and Cultivate New People of the Times: the Online Theme Party Day Activity of the Undergraduate Party Branch Majoring in Ideological and Political Education of the College of Marxism Was Successfully Held in September

October 2, 2021  

On the evening of September 27, the September theme Party day activity of the undergraduate Party branch majoring in ideological and political education of the College of Marxism was held online. The theme of this activity is "continue the centennial initial heart and cultivate new people of the times". It was presided over by Comrade Cai Fang, and Zhao Yunyi, a member of the branch and instructor, participated in this activity.

In the first activity, Comrade Liu Yiying led all probationary Party members to learn and read article 7 of Chapter I of the party constitution, introduced the basic situation of probationary party members to all probationary party members, and further clarified the obligations of probationary party members.

In the second activity, Comrade Chen Yuming led the study of the spirit of the 27th National Conference on Party building in colleges and universities. She learned from three aspects: political belief, political function and political spirit: the conference proposed that education should make good use of the "great ideological and political course", draw rich nourishment for educating people for the Party and the country from the centennial Party history, and promote the ideological and political education to resonate with the times; At the same time, we should build a vibrant and wide coverage grass-roots party organization system in colleges and universities, adhere to the Party's overall leadership over colleges and universities, and constantly enhance the combat effectiveness and cohesion of Party branches; In terms of political spirit, we should adhere to the principle of upholding morality and always bear in mind the "great power of the country". Finally, Comrade Chen Yuming proposed: as probationary party members, we should also strengthen our political beliefs, strive to be new people of the times, and unify our thoughts and spirit into action.

In the third activity, led by Comrade Pang Lifeng, they learned from general secretary Xi Jinping's important reply to the representative of the national Huang Danian type teacher team. She led the preparatory Party members to understand "Huang Danian" and "Huang Danian type" teacher team, and pointed out that the general secretary Xi highly affirmed the reliable achievements made by Huang Da Nian type teachers team in the National University in the letter, and demanded the national teachers to cultivate themselves from virtue and morality. Being a "guide" for the growth of students in three aspects of devoting oneself to study, development and innovation reflects the care and attention of the Party Central Committee to educators.

In the fourth activity, the exchange experience of the members of the branch, Comrade Cai Fang first expressed her thoughts on "Huang Danian" type teachers: "General Secretary Xi Jinping proposed that teachers should become Mr. Da, not only fully expressed respect for teachers, but also put forward higher requirements for teachers. Comrade Liu Yiying and Comrade Tang Xinyu also put forward that they should actively approach educators such as Mr. Huang in faith according to their own actual situation. At the same time, they should also actively complete their own work as teachers in action, so as to truly achieve "morality and self-cultivation".

Finally, Zhao Yunyi, the guidance teacher of the branch, made a concluding speech. He pointed out that they should seriously and actively participate in every Party day activity, and gave suggestions on the form of Party Day activities in the future. He hoped that all comrades of the branch would continue to strengthen the cultivation of Party spirit in the process of future development, bear in mind the original mission, establish lofty political ideals, continue to develop and improve themselves in all aspects, and constantly improve their ideological position, give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of Party members.

Source: The Official Account of College of Marxism of CCNU

Author: Liu Yixuan

Translator: Xiao Nan

Date: October 2, 2021

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