Famous Teacher Forum: Foster Virtue Through Education, to Be a "Star" Teacher Leading the Students

November 6, 2021  

The Voice of CCNU On the evening of October 21, the famous teacher forum: "Xu Hui: From Prospective Teachers to New Teachers, to Star Teachers—The Road to Growth For Normal Students" was held in the Science Lecture Hall. Xu Hui, a senior teacher in mathematics, the Vice-Chancellor of NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to Central China Normal University, a Master Supervisor in College of Teachers Educatione of CCNU, and an tutor of the excellent teacher class of School of Mathematics and Statistics of Central China Normal University, attended the forum as the main speaker.

At the beginning of the activity, Wu Mengwen, deputy dean of College of Teachers Education, introduced the main speaker Xu Hui to the present students, and presenting a letter of main speaker appointment for Xu Hui. Afterwards, Xu Hui started the discussion from her relationship with CCNU, and cut into the topic in a relaxed atmosphere.

Xu Hui first introduced the school history and discipline construction of NO.1 Middle School Affiliated to CCNU (hereinafter referred to as the "First Affiliated to CCNU") to the present students. At the same time, Xu Hui described a case where the psychological screening mechanism of First Affiliated to CCNU successfully discovered the psychological problems of students, which made the present students realize that it was important to pay attention to the mental health of students. In addition, she also combined the work experience of the class headteacher to emphasize to everyone that teachers should care for the students and "don't stingy to praise".

In the section of "How to Give a Good Lesson", Xu Hui started from the reality of her work and guided students to think. She shared with the present students the experience of preparing day and night for lessons when participating in the competitions, and the change of professional mentality from teaching post to administrative post. She sincerely expressed her emotion, "Be brave to try, don't set your own limits", and exhorted everyone to "don't be narrow-minded by yourself" . Xu Hui said that subject teaching should follow the basic regular pattern, make preparations, teach, reform, guide, and test five links, and always take students as the main body of teaching. When talking about the personal growth of teachers, she pointed out that normal students should not "replace teaching with exams" and "do not use technology instead of academics", they must fully understand themselves, understand the subjects they are taught, and guide students to understand subject thinking.

In the following sharing, Xu Hui kept abreast of current affairs and briefly introduced the policy of college entrance examination reform for everyone. She emphasized that the middle schools played an important role in cultivating creativity, and future teachers should fully respect the individuality of students. Finally, she briefly showed the PPT of her class competition, showed her growth process, and inspired the present students.

After sharing, there was a question and answer session. Students from different colleges focused on "the road direction of teacher development", "how teachers overcome job burnout" and "how to balance teaching and administrative affairs", and asked Xu Hui questions. She answered these questions one by one, and the students in the audience applauded.

Zuo Wei from College of Urban and Environmental Sciences  was quite touched by Xu Hui's answers. On the issue of how to overcome the bottleneck period, he, like Xu Hui, believed that teachers cannot "lie down" because "there will be many talents in the school, and there are many things that people find difficult, but there are other people in line who want to do it." Chen Qifan of the School of Educational Information Technology was moved by the selfless dedication of teachers. Today’s forum allowed her to “learn some skills on how to be a new teacher” and understand that “be strict with students first, be a good teacher before thinking about becoming students friend”. She completely agrees with what Xu Hui mentioned“confidence is more important than gold”.

As the seventh teaching festival was approaching, this forum invited outstanding guests to provide the majority of students with a broader vision. This event was mainly hosted by the School of Education of CCNU, and undertook by the Future Educators Union of Central China Normal University, the Excellent Teacher Education Association of Central China Normal University, and Home of Xin Xinhuo Voluntary Teaching of Central China Normal University. Wu Mengwen, deputy dean of School of Education, attended this forum.

Source: The Voice of CCNU

Author: Li Xinyu

Translator: Zhang Yishan

Reviewer: Xiao Nan

Date: November 2, 2021

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