Positioning the Road of Life, Convoying the University Trip

November 20, 2021  

The Voice of CCNU In order to help students adapt to university life as soon as possible, the University Student Development Center of Office of student affairs of the Party committee of Central China Normal University, in collaboration with the "Truth-seeking" Learning Development Center of School of Marxism, held the "2021——How to learn in the university" expert lecture in the lecture hall on the first floor of the Science Hall on the evening of November 7th. Su Hang, a global career planner, national career instructor, and career coach, served as the main lecturer of this lecture. Shao Lili, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of School of Marxism of Central China Normal University, and Liu Feng, the instructor teacher of the University Student Development Center of Office of student affairs of the Party committee of the Undergraduate School, served as guests. Xiao Yao, director of the "Truth-seeking" Learning Development Center of School of Marxism, presided over this lecture. The 2020 and 2021 students of School of Marxism participated in this lecture.

At the beginning of the lecture, Su Hang discussed in detail how college students should learn in the university from six aspects. Su Hang first led everyone to review the difference between the senior three schedule and the university class schedule. He vividly described the current situation of contemporary college students with "My daily plan is disrupted by a ‘Please reply after received’". In the university, a large amount of free time have increased significantly than in the senior high school. In the face of these a large amount of time, how we planned for them was very important. He told about an inefficient planning method: planning all the time to struggle. After experiencing the disruption of student work, club activities and other things, the efficiency of learning wound be lower. Taking this opportunity, he would like to encourage everyone to stick to do one thing at a fixed time and place everyday, such as, reading for an hour a day to form a habit, and gradually increasing the amount. In the management of a large amount of time, it was necessary to formulate a scientific and easy-to-implement timetable. At the same time, made good use of the fragmented time, such as five minutes of free time, thought about what can I do in the five minutes first? Use scenario for effective use.

In terms of how to read textbooks, Su Hang pointed out that students should not only stick to the knowledge points emphasized by the teachers, but also based on the knowledge framework of the entire book, turning the fragmented information into an overall map. Afterwards, Su Hang shared the story that he once met a student consulting career: the student did not perform well in all aspects at university. He consulted with Su Hang about what kind of job he was suitable for. Su Hang dug deep into his experience in what he was responsible for community recruiting in the university and he has recruited more than 300 people. By this he found that the student was suitable for sales. Later, the student successfully entered a sales company ranked more than 200 in the world. By the example, Su Hang pointed out that ability determined career development, not academic qualifications and majors determined career development.

Su Hang took written examinations, case analysis, heart-to-heart talks, and theoretical presentations put forward by quality and ability of college political instructors competition as an example, and pointed out that the current profession focused on investigating everyone's core abilities. And used this to explain the five core competencies that the company paid attention to. In terms of cultivating communication skills, he recommended that everyone deeply understand each other's feelings and situations before responding accordingly. In terms of cultivating self-regulation ability: He believed that it was especially important to focus on cultivating self-emotion management ability in university. In addition, execution, emotional intelligence, and time management ability were also important.

At the end of the lecture, Su Hang sent a message to the students: "I hope everyone will maintain a fiery enthusiasm for learning, cherish university life, and grow up to what you dreamed of when you first entered university at the end of university!" Then entered the questioning session. From the grade 2020 of School of Marxism, Zou Tongtong asked what to do when execution was weak? In this regard, Su Hang recommended that everyone used a pencil to make changes in time when making plans, so as to alleviate the pressure that cannot be implemented, and then completed them after self-regulation. "So far, this lecture officially ended up. (Reporter Duan Yuanyuan, trainee photographer Yu Yang and Liu Mengqin)

Source: The Voice of CCNU

Author: Duan Yuanyuan

Translator: Zhang Yishan

Reviewer: Xiao Nan

Date: November 15, 2021

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