Dance to Celebrate the Past Centenary, Poetry to Embark a New Journey

November 21, 2021 An Jianuo 

On November 7th, at the theme of praising original aspiration and building dream for freshmen, the school of Computer held the celebration to the centenary Communist Party of China, together with the welcome party for grade 2021 freshmen. This event was attended by Zhang Xiaoxin, Party Committee secretary in school of Computer, Wang Jinhuaassociate dean, Wang Kun, deputy secretary of Party Committee in school of Computer, Tu Xinhui, undergraduate class teacher for grade 2021, counsellors from different grades and Student Union Representatives. Cai Junkai, Ma Wenyu, Li Zhenhang, Wu Yuling, An Jianuo and Wang Yatong were the hosts.

The dance play and long time no see were full of vigor and a curtain-raiser for the party. Then, the party flowed into the first chapter: tough past. Upon the convergence of the timeframes of two centenary goals, we should unwaveringly keep the memory of the historical degradation. As such, the poetry keep the humiliation of our country in mind and strive for self-improvement was recited by all members in Class 2103. Accompanied by sonorous goose steps, all the audience felt that tears welled up in their eyes and inspired with substantial passion. Their righteously indignant speaking was deemed as the oath. Principles of CCNU “seek truth and innovation, cultivate ethics and personality” was obey to express sincere wishes to Party at its birthday and fulfill our duty as adherents of it.

Then, the medley spurred the celebratory mood by Wang Yatong’s team. What’s more, a Grade 2020 student Shi Hao had his guitar solo, a song called meteor. Delicate music and fantastic movie clips had clearly illustrated the life thoughts of youngsters in new era. Drama performance teahouse told a specific period of history to present the general social landscape as well as to provide lessons for modern society for now. Aims of it was a call to Chinese youths to keep the dark historical times in mind and to maintain deep nostalgia for heroes of Party.

Youth contains happiness and inspirations, but at the same time is fraught with defeat and hardship. Creative light show nostalgia for your hometown, devotion to your family-country extended our longing for motherland when studying abroad. A short sketch focused on education and named When fraud gets into school aimed at increasing our consciousness of being on guard against complex and intermingled cyber-environment. The dance named Waterfall interpreted the boldness and enthusiasm of youngsters when pursuing dreams and forging careers with rousing the crowded. The lyrics"Time is a journey to embark with no return” was from the song time theft performed by An Jianuo and Li Zhenghang. It was so warm and touched to tell us the gifts of time and to teach us to cherish our encounter with it.

Know the setbacks but dare to go, pursue the dream and be persistent. The next chapter was “forge ahead like a gigantic ship breaking through strong winds and heavy waves”. Grade 2021 student Shi Yingqi showed the youths behaviors of inheriting and carrying forward the glorious Chinese traditional culture by the tradition dance Dianyusi. Grade 2106 displayed the sitcom Physical examination home in the internet, demonstrated all the problems young people had encountered in the internet for now in a humorous and relaxing way. It had also revealed the ideas of young people that technology did change lives in full of innovation. Couple jazz medley dance by two Grade 2021 postgraduates highlighted the ego vigor accompanied by loose melody in popular music.

The party had come to an end and the big screen had put the counselor video on display. This video documented freshmen’s first impression on their counselors and their expectations for the future four years. When light turning on again, Class 2102 students worn T-shirts printed on school of Computer of CCNU. As waving small flags and singing the adapted youth in CCNU version, this welcome party came to draw an end.

A new start is the initial stage of your bloom. After the party, Lu Zhiming, a student from Class 2101 said, “Through the rehearse of this party, all our class members have solidified friendship and bonded with each other, invoking collective honor. When I saw wonderful performances from classmates, I couldn’t help giving them a round of rapturous applause. We will also work harder to enrich our own college lives.”

Source: School of Computer of CCNU

Author: An Jianuo

Translator: Yang Siyu

Reviewer:Shu Tianle

DateNovember 19, 2021

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