News | School of Journalism and Communication Achieved Good Results in the Activity of Collecting Works on Incorruptible Culture of CCNU

November 21, 2021 Deng Yuxia 

On November 1, the 2021 activity of collecting works on incorruptible culture of CCNU with the theme of "Create the Incorruptible CCNU, Build the New Atmosphere" announced its selection results. The activity was organized by the Discipline Inspection Commission Office of CCNU in conjunction with the Party Committee Propaganda Department, the School League Committee of CCNU and the experts of Labor Union of CCNU. The works of Wei Xiaolan and He Jiali achieved good results. Wei Xiaolan's calligraphy, painting and photography work “keep the Boundaries, Integrity Comes Naturally” won the first prize, and He Jiali's art and design work “the Momentary Slip” won the second prize.

This activity led to a certain echo in School of Journalism and Communication, and many students affirmed the important warning significance of this kind of competition in succession. As the winner Wei Xiaolan said, " Integrity is not only an important disciplinary issue that the party has paid close attention to, but also an excellent character of the Chinese nation. ‘If a person does not pass the test of honesty and self-discipline, he will have no moral integrity’, at present, young cadres can behave well and walk tall, relying on normative constraints externally and guidance of faith internally. The activity of collecting works on incorruptible culture will not help the concept of integrity go deeper into practice and life and play a leading role, but also strengthen the construction of social spiritual beliefs. "

The entries were as numerous as stars, and the theory of integrity appeared since ancient times. The outstanding works often start from a small place and give people the shocking power. When talking about the inspiration source of the poster work "the Momentary Slip", the winner He Jiali said that it struck her when thinking of the difference between the two glyphs of Chinese character “lian” and “fu”, meaning "honest" and " corrupt ". The structural framework of the two words is similar, but the internal differences create the conflicts of the two values. In the face of temptation, people often let life take a fork in the road that can't be turned back because of a momentary slip just like the two words.

The successful holding of the activity is conducive to the in-depth implementation of the requirements of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and other relevant documents, and has laid a good foundation for further enhancing the integrity awareness of teachers and students while promoting the construction of integrity culture in CCNU.

Source: School of Journalism and Communication

Translator: Shan Jiaqi

Reviewer: Hua Siyao

Date: November 21, 2021

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