Labour Helps in Improving Practical Ability: The Secretary of the School Party Committee, Zhao Lingyun, Gave Labour Theory Public Class to the Freshmen

November 24, 2021 Hao Rihong 

CCNU online (news reporter Hao Rihong) On the evening of October 31, the first class about labour theory whose topic was Labour Help in Improving Practical Ability was given to the freshmen at sixth studio of the ninth teaching building. The lesson was given by the secretary of the school Party Committee, Zhao Lingyun as a keynote speaker and the vice-principal, Peng Shuangjie, hosted the meeting.

Mr. Zhao led the students to study the vital spirit which was proposed by the General Secretary Xi Jinping at the National Commendation Conference for Model Workers and Advanced Workers held on 24 November, 2020. He explained the documents announced by the CPC Central Committee and State Council as well as the Ministry of Education in detail, emphasizing that the school should view labour education as an significant part of strengthening moral education and cultivating students. Moreover, he hoped that students could set up the concept of labour and regarded it as the only road which we must pass in order to grow up and achieve success.

Labour is normal and everywhere around us. Offering classes on labour aims at enhancing the students consciousness of labour as well as learning to be independent to create happiness and to become a useful person with labour. Today I'd like to have a heart-to-heart talk on the topic of labour help in improving practical ability. Mr. Zhao started with a story of the General Secretary Xi, which narrated his growth during the seven years when he was an educated youth. After that, he offered an excellent labour theory course from three points: labour was mans bounden duty, labour was the basic of independence and relying on labour to grow.

Marx once said, labour is a bounden duty which is set for everyone. Mr. Zhao explained the important content of Marxist view of labour. He stated that labour was a purposeful human activity, an expenditure of mental and physical strength of laborers and a process which created material as well as mental wealth. As a means of expression and improvement of people, everyone should take on the bounden duty all his life and take labour as a lifestyle.

In the new age, bringing labour education into the Communist Party of Chinas educational policy is a reflection of law of growth and education for the person with ability. Mr. Zhao said, the Chinese nation was a labouring nation, the grandeur working spirit was the foundation of Chinese national spirit. As a member not only of the Chinese nation but also the new age, the students should construct their spiritual outlook through labouring. Labour determines peoples world view, values, perspective on life, view of happiness, sense of time, concept of wealth, consumption idea, learning view and self-concept. As a result of that, labour has especially important status in the growing and educating progress of the talents. It is the base of not only independence but also moral, intellectual, physical, aesthetic and labour education.

Labour education means learning and working while labouring, and vice versa. People need to depend on labour to improve their ability. Mr. Zhao encouraged students to equip their minds with the Marxist of labour, respect the laborers and study the spirit of model workers. Moreover, he appealed to us to integrate the spirit of labour and the spirit of CCNU in an ordered way, obtain the happiness and greatness of labour, enrich our life with labour to create a practical world which differed from the ideal world.

When made the summary speech, Peng Shuangjie conveyed his hope that students could appreciate the content of the class carefully, think about how to blend labour with school life and growth and regard labour as the basis of independence. He urged us to work while learning and grow up while working to become happy laborers.

According to introducing, the labour theory courses includes two courses taught by school and two courses gave by college. This lesson was the first lecture of the course which adopted the online-to-offline model. Part of freshmen of Institute of Marxism were at presence while the others watched the live broadcast.

Source: CCNU Online

Translator: Wang Ruoxi

Reviewer: Kong Yilin

Date: November 18, 2021

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