Hold On Well at the Current Situation, Look Forward to the Future |The Opening Ceremony and Theme Lecture of the 2019 “Becoming Famous Teachers”History Education Research and Training Camp of Our School Held Successfully

November 25, 2021 Xing Yiming, Jing Tiantian 

At the noon of November 12th, becoming a famous teacheropening ceremony and keynote speech of historically educational teaching research and training camp of 2019 undergraduatesof School of History and Culture of CCNU was held in the classroom 1201. Kang Wei, deputy Party secretary of the School of History and Culture, Qin Yuqin, a 2019 undergraduate counselor and a teacher in charge of the normal student work department of the school, Zhang Xue and Xiang Zuojun, teachers in charge of the training camp, attended the event, Fang Xiao of the normal student work department of the student union of Grade 2019 served as the host.

(Picture of Fang Xiao Speaking

At the beginning of the activity, Secretary Kang delivered a speech on behalf of the Party committee of school. She mentioned that after years of exploration and practice since its establishment, the becoming a famous teachertraining camp is a highly representative and influential activity of our university, and also plays an important role in the growth career of normal students of our school. At the same time, Secretary Kang also put forward new anticipations and requirements to the campers: First, promote the shaping of professional image through the research and training camp, forge and firm professional ideals, deepen dedication to education, respond to the expectations of motherland and society for teachers’ identity with a broader horizon and a stronger sense of mission, realizing self-improvement. Second, cultivate ingenuity through the research and training camp, constantly adjust our positions and objectives and make our demands to our own growth clear according to the national standard requirements for teachers, the training objectives of normal students of our school and the required quality of history teachers. Seek advice from professionals and achieve“able to learnin the course of inheritance and innovation during the research and training period. Excel at using the profound teacher resources and rich discipline platforms around us to achieve“able to use”. Achieve “able to practice”through cooperation and practice. Third, progress through the research and training camp, hold on well at the current situation, look forward to the future, pay attention to the frontier fields of disciplines, temper the spirit of scientific research, adhere to academic norms, and refine our own spirit of the age, internationalization level, information capabilities and interdisciplinary attainment, so as to meet the new requirements of the age for history teachers on all aspects.

Picture of Secretary Kang Speaking

Then, Qin Genhui spoke on behalf of the campers. She said that becoming an excellent teacher is the dream and pursuit of the students present, and the“becoming a famous teacher”research and training camp is providing us with a good learning platform. Here, we have the opportunity to listen to the teachers’ rich educational and teaching theory and experience, to hone our educational and teaching skills through sufficient practice, and to communicate with excellent normal students and share experience.

Picture of Tan Genhui Speaking

After the representative of the campers spoke, Teacher Zhang Xue gave a brief introduction to the training camp. The training camp was held with the goal and spirit of “let the students gain tangible results and grow into excellent historical teachers with digital attainment and great research and teachingability”, designing the following activities: deeply cultivating of major, linking experts, benchmarking the catalogue of middle school textbooks, lay a solid foundation of history major, jointly building research databases, linking professional teachers of the school, and grasping the frontier trends of history. Base on the curriculum standard and clear direction, interpret the history curriculum standard of ordinary high school (2017Edition and 2020 Revision) in groups. Study teaching materials andhavelecture drills, focus on the high school compulsory courses and make research study in groups, grasp the teaching key and difficult points, and carry out heteroforms of the same course in groups. Compare with famous teachers and connect with the front line, observe and discuss selected history teaching examples and lectures in groups. Promote and refine skills both inside and outside, and better skills by inviting predecessors to evaluate and discuss, reviewing lecture videos, introspection and mutual evaluation. Information capability, joint exploration and common optimization to form excellent courseware resource packages. Attach importance to teaching and research,haveinsighton history teachingdevelopmentand the cutting-edge journals and research results. Dig deeply and widely, educate people in disciplines, and grasp the core literacy of disciplines. Teacher Zhang Xue encouraged everyone: “Teaching is a long way, and every day we work together is a big step towards a famous teacher".

Picture of Teacher Zhang Xue Speaking

In the fourth item of the activity, Teacher Xiang Zuojun, as the keynote speaker of the theme lecture on“the formation and development of teachers’ practical knowledge”, introduced to the students what thoughts should be given to practical knowledge in the training process. Starting with the concept of teachers’ practical knowledge, he discussed the necessity and specific path of cultivating practical knowledge. He said that in the course of“becoming a famous teacher”, the cultivation of teachers’ practical knowledge is very important. Specifically, we can develop practical knowledge through practical training, internship, study andprobation. He pointed out that at present, students are in the training stage, so we need to make full use of network resources, give full play to the role of peer mutual learning, improve our teaching practice, and really move from theory to practice. At the end of the lecture, the teacher also reminded the students:“Although there are differences in teaching talent, the more important point is the attitude towards teaching. Therefore, no matter now or in the future, studying is the practical path to a famous teacher.”

(Picture of Teacher Xiang Zuojun Speaking)

At the end of the activity, Teacher Xiang Zuojun made a brief comment on the teaching ability test of 2019 normal students last semester. The test standards mainly involve whether the expression in the teaching process is clear, the basic teaching design and curriculum logic, whether the students’ thinking is paid attention to in the teaching process, and the grasp of the sense of scene and rhythm of the teaching. So far, the opening ceremony and lecture of the 2019 “becoming famous teachers”history education teaching and training camp of the School of History and Culture of CCNU was successfully completed.

Source: School of History and Culture

Reviewer: Yang Fan

Translator: Peng Qiurong

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