The Successful Opening Ceremony of The 9th Training Class for Potential Party Members of School of Mathematics and Statistics

November 28, 2021 Li Huan and Zhu Juan 

Aiming to fulfill the task of developing and strengthening the construction of Part members, correct the motivation of joining the Party, improve the ideological and political consciousness and ensure the quality of Party members’ development, the opening ceremony of the 9th training class for potential members was held by School of Mathematics and Statistics at room 6401, at 6:15 on Nov. 12. This opening ceremony was led by Cui Yaya, the head teacherLiu Chengzhu, Party secretary of School, Sheng Zhenzhen, the leading teacher, and all potential Party members were attended.

First of all, Secretary Liu made a mobilization speech at the ceremony. He extended the sincere appreciation to all the professors’ full preparation and organization for successfully opening the 9th training class, as well as the warm welcome to all students. Secretary Liu stressed that the training was of great significance and closely related to not only political beliefs and pursuits of potential members, but also the improvements in ideologies and spirits. As such, he put forwarded several requirements: firstly, confirm beliefs. We should deeply understand the significance of this training. Second, establish right and virtuous motivation to join the Party. What we ought to do is to fully play the role of exemplary leadership. Third, correct learning attitude. We must be ensured to gain something from learning process.

Subsequently, on the discipline requirements during the training, Cui yaya made specific requirements to all potential members, as well as extended her expectations that she hoped all potential members need practice 3 requirements put forward by Secretary Liu through the study, constantly improve their overall quality, firm ideals and strive to join the Party.

After Liu’s speech, optimistic expectations fully existed in all potential members. “Serving all the people wholeheartedly” was the fundamental purpose of the Party. For the centenary, the Party had faithfully carried out its initial mission, and united and led people of all ethic groups in the vast land of China to paint a magnificent picture of the history and human development. Today, the potential members in the 9th training class will follow their predecessors to show new vigor in the journey to new era.

Source: Official Account of School of Mathematics and Statistics

Author: Li Huan and Zhu Juan

Translator: Yang Siyu

Date: November 25, 2021

Reviewer: Shu Tianle

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