Participating in WTO for 20 Years, Communicating Ancient and Current Time in the Joy Class: The Activity of Joy Class Held By the Ministry of Clubs from the School of Marxism

November 28, 2021 Huang Tianci 

On the morning of November 17th, the activity of the joy class from School of Marxism of CCNU was held in room 1201, Building 1. Zhao Yunyi, the secretary of the Youth League committee of the School of Marxism, Yu Yifei, counselor of undergraduate students, Bai Chenxi, president of the Student Union and Fang Sijia, vice president served as judges. This activity was hosted by Xu Qinke.

At the beginning of the activity, Zhao Yunyi delivered a speech. He expressed that Chinas entry to the WTO, is a significant step in Chinas participation in international trade rule-making, which is of vital importance for China. This activity of the joy class was carried out on the basis of 20th anniversary of Chinese accession to WTO, which can enable the students from the School of Marxism to have a better understanding of historical events, as well as exercising communicating ability, and it also lays the foundation for their future on teaching jobs.

This joy lesson is divided into two parts: politics and history. In the political class, contestants participated in the emergency response activities to answer the current political news questions related to the WTO. After the first round of competition, eight contestants stood out and came to the "one stop to the end" part, where the eight contestants competed fiercely against each other. They stood up confidently and answered correctly again and again, showing the rich knowledge accumulation and energetic mental state of the students in the School of Marxism, and winning the applause from the students.

In the history class, the host introduced distinguished figures in the new era of China and their moving stories. Wang Jiahao shared students “a teacher in mountains”Zhang Yugun and a detailed introduction of the stories of Mr.Zhang. He was rooted in the soil, and mobilized relatives and friends to help students. He took the pole as a metaphor to praise the rural teachers’ good virtues of hard-working and willingness to contribute. Qi yuan introduced to the audience the story of Zhang Guimei, a "flower in the mountain", with the question "what kind of teachers should we become", aimed at making audience to understand what qualities an excellent teacher should have through positive thinking.

Ultimately, the activity of the joy class successfully came to an end with the active participation of the students. This activity made the current political knowledge interesting, as well as creating a teaching class which was a great combination of useful knowledge and vivid descriptions. Therefore, students are able to learn the current political knowledge in a relaxed atmosphere and have derived emotional touch from the immersive class. This activity exhibits the vigorous youth of students in School of Marxism.

Resourcethe School of Marxism

Translator: He Yuxin

AuditorZheng Bowen

Date: November 19, 2021

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