Those who Enjoy Themselves are Happier:the Music Therapy Group Activity of the 36th Mental Health Promotion Month was Successfully Held

November 28, 2021  

(Correspondent Hong Feier) On the evening of November 13, hosted by Mental Health Center of Central China Normal University and co-organized by the Gardenia Mind Studio of College of Physical Science and Technology, the music therapy group activity "Those who Enjoy Themselves are Happier" was held smoothly in the 9551 meeting room of Building 9. The activity was hosted by a specially invited music therapist called Zhang Le. The instructor of College of Physical Science and Technology Yao Yanan and 15 undergraduates from various colleges participated in this activity.

Teacher Zhang Le is a National Second-class Psychological Counselor and a member of Chinese Association for Mental Hygiene. He has served as a music therapist in Wuhan Wudong Hospital, Mental Health Center of Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University Hubei General Hospital, and Mental Health Center of Central China Normal University. At the beginning of the activity, Zhang Le distributed "sand hammers" of different shapes to every present student, which led to an introduction to music therapy and his relevant experiences on the road of music therapy. In order to relieve everyone's first meeting's stubbornness and tension, Zhang Le held the guitar, and first sang his original song Hello. Students followed the instructions of the music for accompaniment and interaction.

Subsequently, Zhang Le guided the students to conduct a unique "self-introduction". Each student conceived and performed an action that could express their current emotions and mental states, and used this as their "name" in this activity. Next, students played a mini-game of "Action Solitaire". After each student has done their own actions, they would choose any student’s actions and perform them. The students who were selected would proceed to the next round of Solitaire. The rhythm of the music was slow or fast, and the students' Solitaire was wonderful. Occasionally, a classmate who "stuck" in action, Zhang Le encouraged him to share one of his advantages. "Confident, optimistic, humorous, not stage fright..." Students opened their hearts, and the atmosphere gradually became lively.

In the second game, the students were divided into two groups. Following the rhythm of the music, everyone cooperated with each other to complete a series of actions, such as gathering in a circle, separating into a team, and shaking hands with other students to greet each other in turn and so on. In the brisk and lively music, the students greeted each other confidently and generously. "I am very happy to be enthusiastically responded to in greetings. This kind of pure enthusiasm and happiness has not been experienced for a long time." Under Zhang Le’s guidance, the students confided in their hearts and expressed their thoughts.

Next, Zhang Le led the students to launch the mini-game, "Who is Undercover". After each group of games, he encouraged the "undercover" and "observers" to share their psychological activities: "When you didn't find the undercover for the first time, did you feel a little nervous and lost?" The students worked in groups to re-create the lyrics of My Old Classmate. The guitar sound was crisp and beautiful, and the students sang their own voices: about exams, homework, campus life, activities... Zhang Le commented: "Everyone has different thinking angles, because everyone's experiences and personalities are very different. You sing your thoughts and feelings. This is a great way of expression."

The nearly two-hour activity was coming to an end. In the experience sharing session, words such as happy, fun, surprise, and relaxed were frequently mentioned by students. "Although the speaking session at the beginning made me a little nervous, overall I felt relaxed and happy." In the end, Zhang Le gave the students a guitar song named Goodbye. He wished everyone learn to express, love music, love life.

Source: College of Physical Science and Technology of CCNU

Author: Xiao phy

Translator: Zhang Yishan

Reviewer: Xiao Nan

Date: November 23, 2021

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