Chosin Reservoir ——Those Soldiers Sacrificed in That Heavy Snow, Deserve to Be Commemorated 《长津湖》—— 那些牺牲在冰雪中的战士,不应该被遗忘

October 16, 2021 Yang Siyu 

On October 5th, 2021, in Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, a grizzled old man tottered into a Net bar, asking the staffs whether they could show him the movie Chosin Reservoir. When focusing on the documentary about the Battle of Chosin Reservoir, he became emotional and empathized heavily, occasionally weeping tears. Maybe he was just in a large amount of nostalgia for his old comrade-in-arms. We couldn’t know exactly what happened in his youth but the majority of Chinese, like me, were deeply touched by this scene.


Back to 1950s, the People’s Republic of China sent the People's Volunteer Army 9th (PVA 9th) to campaign in the Chosin Reservoir area to drive the United Nations out of North Korea. What tortured our army was not only their misses for families and threats from well-equipped American troops but also the extreme and poor climate conditions. A brutal 17-day battle in freezing weather——North Korea's worst winter in 50 years, soon followed. A large part of them didn’t have cotton clothes and shoes to withstand frigidity. What they could only do was just to pull cotton from the quilt to make earmuffs and remove the corn whisker then put it in the galoshes to keep warm. Between 27 November and 13 December, 30,000 United Nations Command troops were encircled and attacked by Chinese troops under the command of Song Shilun. The evacuation from the port of Hungnam in northeast Korea marked the complete withdrawal of American troops from North Korea.


Nowadays, as an epic film in the National Day, Chosin Reservoir gave us a deeper and more immersive understanding to that particular period of history. “Hope that the next generation can live in an era without artillery fire.”, said Ping He. There must be roots for the towering trees; There must be sources for the rivers surrounded by mountains. As the new generation, we could read aloud in the classroom, absorbing the wisdom from knowledgeable masters, enjoy the swelling and surging waves endlessly flowing towards the east and appreciate the elegant sprits of Gangnam’s scenery. However, when the chill wind and reeds blow with frost, please don’t forget them who spilt blood on the field, just aiming to provide us with a calm and peaceful future.


Author: Yang Siyu

Date: October 8, 2021

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