The National Day Movie Which Deserves to See Most:The Battle at Lake ChangJin 最值得看的国庆档电影:《长津湖》

October 17, 2021 Shan Jiaqi 

In the past National Day holiday, a film called The Battle at Lake ChangJin occupied the hot list of cinemas, with extensive discussion and high praise. So far, its box office has exceeded 4.3 billion, ranking among the top ten at the box office of Chinese films.


The film tells a magnificent history in the background of the battle of Changjin Lake in the war to resist U.S. aggression and aid Korea. In the extremely cold and harsh environment, the eastern front combat forces, with their iron will and fearless fighting spirit, fought against well-equipped U.S. troops and made important contributions to the victory of the Changjin Lake campaign. In the film, Wu Wanli. Wu Qianli's younger brotherjoined the seventh company of veterans Lei Suisheng, Wu Qianli, Yu Congrong, Mei Sheng and Ping He .They went to North Korea together and devoted themselves to the war to resist US aggression and aid Korea. They were not afraid of the howling wind, freezing snow, severe cold and difficult conditions. They escaped the bombing of the U.S. air force all the way and annihilated tens of thousands of the U.S. troops in the Changjin Lake area, reversing the battlefield situation.


However, at first, many soldiers of the seventh company were not optimistic about Wu Wanli. They thought he was just an impulsive and reckless hairy boy, so it was inevitable to sneer at him, while Lei Suisheng, the platoon leader of the artillery platoon, cared for him. On the battlefield, Wu Wanli bravely proved himself, transformed into a divine pitcher, and finally grew from a novice with no experience to a real soldier. He learned to rush back to the front, understood the people around him, and established a deep friendship with others in the seventh company. At the end of the film, in order to save the lives of others in the seventh company, Lei Suisheng drove away the marker bomb alone, dying with honor.


The first impression of the film is the strong visual impact and cool war scenes, but when you chew over it, you will find its real meaning. This is by no means a simple war themed film, but a masterpiece containing family and country feelings, anti-war ideas and homage to heroes. On the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, The Battle at Lake ChangJin presented a hymn to countless martyrs. Today's prosperity of our motherland is inseparable from their sweat and blood. They used their flesh and blood to build the foundation of our good life today. in the film, when touching her daughter's picture, Mei Sheng said emotionally: "if we don't fight now, our offspring will fight in the future." The most simple and sincere wish of the martyrs is to leave a peaceful environment for us to grow up healthily and safely. Now, in this era of peace, we should cherish the martyrs and remember their great spirits.


Date: October 17, 2021

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