The Sports Meet of CCNU:The Great Combination of Passion, Perseverance and Enjoyment 华中师范大学校运动会:热血,坚持与欢愉的汇聚

November 13, 2021 He Yuxin 

With the autumn approaching and the fragrance of osmanthus giving out, the sports meet was carried out on November 5th and 6th this year. And in this sports meet, we have already witnessed so many wonderful moments including the creative and intriguing opening ceremony, the company of the warm-hearted volunteers, the encouragement from classmates and the excellent cheering drafts broadcast by announcers.So let’s zoom in some splendid moments.


In the opening ceremony, many kinds of performing forms were displayed to us to show discipline characteristics of different colleges.They were all impressive and interesting, like performance of dragon dance from the College of History, immersing people in the charm of Chinese traditional culture, as well as whooping “Nest,West, CCNU is the best.”from foreign students in the College of International Communication, expressing their love to CCUN passionately. And many colleges also chose to dance, ranging from Korean dance to folk dance, which literally gave us a visual feast of dancing and cultural integration.

在运动会的开幕式上,许多学院运用不同的表演方式来展示出他们学院的学科特色。他们都非常的让人影响深刻,且富含趣味,例如历院的舞龙表演,向我们展示出中国传统文化的魅力,国际交流学院的外国学生们高声呐喊出:“NestWest,CCUN is the best.”热情表达出他们的华师的爱。并且许多学院也选择以跳舞的形式展示,从韩舞到民族舞,都给了我们非常棒的舞蹈与文化交融的视觉享受。

And, what impressed me most is the competition of women’s 400m. Despite the bad weather, we can also see those competitors’ sports passion and perseverance, especially,under the pressure of speeding running and the heavy rain. And what also impressed me is the competition of men’s 1500m,which is always the hard thing requiring sufficient endurance and determined mind.However, the competitors in this competition reminded us the good spirits of sports. And during this competition, the volunteers holding up their colleges’ flags to run with the runners revealed the sports’ concept of cooperation and mutual assistance.


To sum up, there were also many nice moments recorded in our minds, and as sports meet came to an end, these experiences will become our sweet and unforgettable memories in our youths.


Writer:He Yuxin

Reviewer:Zheng Bowen

Date:November 16, 2021

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