Autumn Afterglow: Wielding the Light of Youth 秋日余晖:挥洒青春之光

November 13, 2021 Liu Yaqi 

The time of year has suddenly arrived, so I will write about this autumn. The wind is blowing and the blood is hot in the bones. With the fragrance of laurel on the Guizi mountain, the long-awaited sports meeting arrived as scheduled. Whether it was the athletes on the track, the volunteers along the track, or the cheerleaders and spectators cheering for the athletes, they all added to the beautiful scenery of the sports meeting.


The sudden drop in temperature in recent days had taken us by surprise, not to mention the sudden downpour that afternoon. I had never experienced a sports meeting in heavy rain before. When the counsellor informed us that we couldn't leave the field, I was actually upset. But when I looked up at the playground and saw the athletes on the field running towards the goal, I realized how ridiculous my thoughts were. With a gunshot, they set off into the cold wind and ran through the rustling autumn rain, unstoppable in the darkness. The overcrowded playground seemed to be the only place left for the athletes who were sprinting. The crackling rain seemed to be overwhelmed by their courage and perseverance and gradually faded away, and then the warm sunlight shone on the athletes' faces shinning its light. They fought against the autumn rain and wrote about their struggles, giving off light and heat that could warm others on the track!


If the athletes are the protagonists of the sports meeting, then the dedicated referees and volunteers are integral parts of the sports meeting. The autumn rain could not stop them and the cold wind could not blow away their enthusiasm. In spite of the weather conditions, they always stuck to their posts and arranged the work of checking, issuing orders and timing in an orderly manner, contributing to the smooth progress of the sports meeting. The cheerleaders and spectators who cheered on the athletes were also important participants and the unity of the team added a lot of colour to the sports meeting.Whether we won the awards or not, the most important were the rewards of the process and everyone come away with a great deal.


The red runway, carrying the other side and the distance, and the green playground, igniting youth and passion. The sports meeting were over, but the autumn rain had fallen on my heart, and the warm sun after the rain had brightened my vision. The sun sinks in the west, but the afterglow is still there.


Author:Liu Yaqi

Reviewer:Zheng Bowen

Date:November 11, 2021

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