Dangal: love and achievement from Wrestling 摔跤吧,爸爸:爱与成就

November 14, 2021 Yang Siyu 

We have held a wonderful sport meeting several days ago. Do you know that there is a sports program called wrestling in the international sports competition? However, in India, women wrestling has progressed in a winding way and overcame a large quantity of obstacles that seemed insuperable.


Parents and kids all need to know that Dangal due to its educational meaning. In this movietwo girls from a small Indian village were trained with the goal of winning gold medals in international women wrestling under their strict father’s insistence and persistence. This stirring movie follows the girls as they reluctantly yielded to their father’s iron will and endured 5 a.m. tough workouts and humiliating haircuts. Although bearing mock from peers, they had no choice but then began to appreciate his father’s demanding standards and training method. From their growing-up, they gradually felt thier father’s respect for women and also the strong and unwavering desire for honoring India, their motherland. This is set in stark contrast to the fates of the majority of Indian women relegated to: wife in teens, then teen-mother, finally household nanny, cooking every day.


This film has tears, patriotic heart-swell, happiness, frustration, anger, pain and everything you expect from a sports film. But it is wrapped in gentle humor and that makes this film a must see. It is a great way to end the year and get counted as one of the ten best films of 2016.


This highly anticipated film is based on the real-life story of Haryanavi wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat, a coach and father. However, what had a huge impact on me was that he trained his own daughters in a sport which was traditionally male dominated and in a state which was renowned for gender inequality and a low sex ratio. This obviously became a talking point circulating among the small village and he was severely criticized, but Mahavir did not budge whatsoever happened. All that hard work went to fruition and definitely paid off when the eldest daughter of their siblings got the first medal.


Amid an air of enjoyment due to our sports meeting, I highly recommend this movie to all of you!


Author: Yang Siyu

Date: Nov.10, 2021

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