Fearless Youth, Energetic Sports | the 2021 Sports Meeting of CCNU Was Held Smoothly 青春无畏,运动同行 | 华中师范大学2021年运动会顺利举行

November 14, 2021 Shan Jiaqi 

The golden wind was refreshing, and the orange osmanthus perfumed the air. The 2021 sports meeting of CCNU was held successfully from November 5th to 6th. Students in the university gathered in Youming stadium, and the athletes rubbed their hands to show their styles on the field; the audience cheered warmly for the players of each college.


At the opening ceremony on the morning of November 5, the most beautiful scenery was the phalanxes and their performance. You could appreciate the integration of classical and modern, the collision between Chinese and Western culture, and the unique and outstanding diversified displays of various colleges, while fully feeling their vitality and passion.


After that, all teachers and students attended the solemn flag raising ceremony with their sincere patriotism. Then, after the representatives of athletes and referees taking the oath, Hao Fanghua, president of CCNU announced that the sports meeting officially began.


Although the weather was not favorable and there was a light rain, it did not influence much the athletes' enthusiasm. On the track and field, they took their places, leaving the audience with sassy figures; the cheering sound of the audience was higher and higher. Whether the athletes finally got the first or not, the audience would not hesitate to praise and encourage them. The athletes taking part in the indoor competition were also do their best. In addition, the faculty team also participated in the land dragon boat project and other matches to work together, achieving the win-win result.


Through the sports meeting, students showed their youth style, detected their physical fitness, activated their life and cultivated their spirits. All the players made achievements and broke through themselves in this sports meeting, and the students of CCNU would create more brilliance!


Reviewer: Hua Siyao

Date: November 14, 2021

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