Cool Autumn Wind Inspires People, We Chase Each Other and Show Our Presence——the 2021 CCNU Autumn Sports Meeting Went on Wheels 秋风送爽振精神,你追我赶展风采——2021年华中师范大学秋季运动会顺利举行

November 15, 2021 Wang Ruoxi 

From 5 to 6 October, the 2021 CCNU autumn sports meeting went with a swing. At the opening ceremony, every institute came up with an unusual way to show their unique styles by singing and dancing; on the playground, the athletes were vigorous and spirited, getting collective honour with all their efforts; On the field, students did their best to cheer the athletes loudly, volunteers ran across the sports field to provide mental as well as material support for the sportsmen. Everyone had his own position, everyone was a beautiful scenery.


What impressed me the most were various performances at the opening ceremony: during the dragon dance, the strong and fierce Chinese golden dragon were so vivid that they seemed to gallop through the clouds; the students dressed themselves up in traditional ethnic costume to perform distinctive folk dances; the overseas students made a team, held their national flags and expressed their love to the CCNU with sincere smiles. National culture mixed with international culture, creating an open and inclusive portrait for CCNU.


I stepped out onto the field and saw the high jumpers gave leaps and traced out some beautiful arcs; the runners who were unwilling to fall behind chased each other in the fine rain; the relay batons were passed on from one to another, which transmitted not only collective honour but also cooperative spirit of group... Whether in the stands or by the trackside, there were audiences who shouted slogans to encourage the athletes and ignited passion with enthusiasm; some volunteers waited for the athletes at the finish line while others provided strong assistance for the athletes. Everyone did each duty very well to contribute to the sports meeting.


Through the sports meeting, I not only felt the sorts spirit of transcending oneself as well as spirit of struggle of the students but also saw their highly-developed sense of collectivism. No matter they were athletes, audiences or volunteers, they tightly put all their strength twist a rope to fight for glory of their teams. In the meantime, they did not forget that they coexist in one entia relating—— CCNU and held the philosophy that friendship first, competition second to compete fairly, which makes the spiritual style of CCNU healthier and more optimistic.


Reviewer: Kong Yilin

Date: November 11, 2021

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